Good News Everyone! Kojima Productions Has A Kitchen

Death Stranding won’t be appearing on your PlayStation 4 anytime soon, in fact I would place money on it not appearing until PlayStation 5 if this latest update from Kojima is anything to go by.

In short, they’re still hiring people, still working on the engine, they have a nice new kitchen, and Kojima has been writing for Rolling Stone and watching movies. There seems to be very little in the shape of an actual game at the moment and it is obvious that there are many years of development to be completed.


Dengeki PlayStation magazine spoke to Kojima, and here’s a translation of what he had to say about 2017.

Dengeki: Please tell us how you looked back at your work and activities in 2017.

Kojima: Kojima Productions was established on December 16, 2015, but this was just registering the company, and there were only 4 members including myself. The next year from January I travelled around the world, beginning to search for technologies starting from game engines, and at the same time, I also started constructing the company organisation. Interviewing [people] to gather members, finding an office, designing the institution, and more are all done at the same time in parallel.

Of course, while we’re doing that we also made the game design and scenario for Death Stranding, as well as doing various experiments. In June 2016 we showed the very first teaser at E3, and in December 2016 we released the second teaser. And we also decided to pick DECIMA as the game engine, so we also worked to improve it among others.

We ran through 2016 like that, but 2017 was a year filled with more density than 2016. We moved to the current office, and while creating the game we filled the interior with facilities like a meeting room and kitchen; those were finally finished in January 2017. I renewed my feeling and determination to start Kojima Productions in 2017.

The staff list is gradually getting completed, but we had interviews occasionally as we continue to level up and polish the team. We continued the game production process, from developing and improving engines and tools to game designs and presentations without taking a rest. The fact that everything goes in parallel doesn’t change ever since the company was established.

I also went overseas multiple times, but of course all of those – including getting invited to events like game shows – are related to work. I don’t remember at all [going overseas] just to play or rest. I also wrote recommendation comments for books and movies, made serialized manuscripts (for Rolling Stone and Bunshun Online websites), and had interviews myself. I’m not sure though if reading books and watching movies are considered as a hobby or work for me. However, all of these are being converted to energy for the new game. In that sense, you can say that I dedicated all 365 days in a year to create games.

News that the kitchen is now sorted should not be a surprise as Kojima explained eight months ago that if Death Stranding was an Italian restaurant he would be at the stage where he is choosing the tables.

I think he’s dropping hints that food based services will be a theme in the game and Norman Reedus as a baby hugging naked spaceman is misdirection. Clearly the game will star Mary Berry and will involve making the perfect cupcake.

Source: Dengeki via PSL 

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  1. He really needs to just go away until he has something that actually resembles a game and not a tech demo to show. It feels like he’s just living a life of luxury on someone else’s money. I’d stick a tenner on it getting cancelled.

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