Kojima Is Picking Out Some Nice Tables For The Death Stranding Restaurant

We know Death Stranding is an action game about ropes and sticks, it will be a brand new genre and totally different, and that it involves Normus Reedus in the buff, Guillermo del Toro acting, and something becoming stranded in our world.

Kojima has now revealed that production is “going pretty well”, that they “have the general plan for the project, there’s a plot,” and the team are currently testing different systems for the game.


To try and convey how the project is going, Kojima said that if Death Stranding was an Italian restaurant he would be at the stage where he is choosing the tables. Which makes perfect sense if you are Hideo Kojima, but is just as baffling as vanishing babies, dead whales, and Mads Mikkelsen appearing from behind a pair of night vision goggles to the rest of us.

Death Stranding has no release date but it looks like there is quite a lot of work to be done, and is PS4 exclusive.

Source: Engadget

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  1. Sounds rather like it’s at the stage where the land is still covered by 200m of ice, and much much later on, when that is melted and people have advanced a lot themselves and technology, a restaurant may be built.

  2. If Death Stranding was a restaurant, it would still be better then a certain one that appeared on Kitchen Nightmares US.

    But hasn’t it been 2 years and only a small amount of information has been revealed? I think, Sony may have a GT5 situation on their hands if Kojima is given every request. Nothing against giving creators 100% control but perfectionist can take years. I mean, GT5 barely got released and that was because of Sony booting it out of the door instead of delaying it again so that it could have an extra 3 pixels added to each car.

    Oh and Nanomachines/Parasites will be the explaination to everything in DS. It’s Kojima. ;)

    Or it’s all a dream. Followed by a lot of people punching their TVs because it’s all a dream is a lazy way to end something.

    This was a dream by the way, i’m actually standing next to you whilst you are sleeping.

    • He seems to be on a worldwide tour of gaming events where he appears on stage, get a nice applause, gives just a little info and moves on to the next event. At some point Sony will have to risk angering him by asking what he’s actually done with their money so far. Btw the last line of your post was both funny and disturbing.

      • It seems that way so far and I think Sony will be forced to intervene, tell him to stick to the game, get it ready without costing millions. Unlike Metal Gear, this is a new IP(ish) and will determine if Kojima is a one trick pony or not. (A 2 decade or so pony and impressive one at that but still).

        That and I think he works best when he has to work within confines. At least, i think that is what occured with MGS1-4 where he had limits and a team that shot down some ideas when discussed. 5? He had complete control and it resulted in a meeeeeeeh oh come on! plot.

  3. Glastonbury 2021, Kojima headlines where he plays cutscenes from his still unreleased game for 90 minutes, then Norman Reedus appears for the encore.

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