What We Played #338 – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Wolfenstein II & PUBG

Did you have a good Christmas? Did you have a happy new year? These are the next two week’s incessant small talk questions so have a good think, and prepare the same stock answer to roll out over and over again. My cliché-ridden replies are currently “it looks like a toy shop has exploded in our house”, and “I’ve come back to work for a rest!”, the second of which is an out-and-out lie as I have a pub and have spent the last six weeks or so working my arse off! I’m really having a rest right now, sat on my bottom in front of the TV, but nobody seems as interested in hearing about that.

The Leighton household have been gaming as a family for much of Christmas, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been the clear winner. I’ve also been hugely enjoying/been enthralled by Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice which I’ve been playing through with my wife Michelle. It’s a shame that it starts to wear a little thin at the end, and could have done with being about an hour or so shorter, but it’s still a remarkable game – as we’ve spent much of the year saying. I’ve also been playing Need For Speed Payback as looking for the derelict cars is surprisingly therapeutic, Gears of War 3, Tiny Metal, Brawlout, NBA 2K18 on Switch, and had my first taste of PUBG with Tef on Xbox One X last night.

Miguel was the least hungover from the New Years celebrations so he was the first to drop in on What We Played. He’s been playing Innerspace on Switch, a little bit of Breath of the Wild here and there, and Yakuza 5! He also hung out with a [rich] friend who got Oculus Rift and “tried out VRChat, which was….wild. I also played Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, and the secret real 2017 GOTY, Gal Gun VR”

It’s all been about t’Egypt for Aran with yet more Assassin’s Creed Origins. “I’ve uncovered every location, looted all the bases, got all the secrets and seen all the sights. I thought I had done every side quest too but after completing a few main story missions more appeared. Still hooked after almost 50 hours in the world.”

Jake had a poorly Switch in December, but luckily for him Nintendo were nice and prompt in returningit back to him (I imagine Nintendo’s Switch facility is like a Pokémon Centre, with six Switch’s placed in a magical repair machine that plays the star collecting jingle from Mario 64). Now that it’s back he’s doing his best to wear it out again.

I’ve been playing Yooka-Laylee on the Switch and it feels better than the PS4 version in some places. I’ve also been playing a bit of Breath of the Wild on Master Mode as I’m nearly halfway through the game again but it’s infuriatingly hard at this point and my weapons break so easily. Aside from that, I’ve been playing Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King on the Switch, which is inspired by A Link to the Past – it’s very good. Oh, and of course I tried Brawlout with some friends. It was quite fun!

Dave has mostly been playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus this week, which he’s enjoying quite a bit. He’s also been playing a few games on his SNES Classic. “But mostly I’ve played board games this last week including the likes of Hanabi (otherwise known as “Count to five with the help of your friends”), Terraforming Mars (which is an ace game about corporations making a profit out of making Mars inhabitable), and Power Grid (a game about making power stations and powering homes, while at the same time bidding on coal/oil/rubbish/nuclear/renewable energy). We did also try the France board of Ticket to Ride, but that wasn’t particularly good…”

Someone who didn’t enjoy Hellblade quite as much as the rest of us was Tuffcub though it seems more fruit based than I remember “I did start Hellblade: Satsuma [!?] and the start is awesome. Then it made me do a puzzle. Then the same puzzle. And then the puzzle turned up again and I turned the game off. I’ll go back to it at some point but putting the same puzzle three times in a row is a bit lazy.” He also played Sky Force on PS Vita, and Destiny 2 on PS4 which he’s now platted. He’s not been playing much as he’s waiting for his new OLED TV to arrive tomorrow and he wants to play everything in lovely HDR 4K. Show off.

Ade has been getting stuck into Horizon Zero Dawn “and what a game it is! Climbing up a long neck for the first time is just spectacular. It does feel incredibly like Assassin’s Creed Origins but with a much tighter and more compelling narrative. Having said that I’ve still been dipping into Origins to track down those final side quests and trophies. I was also a very lucky boy and received the Battlefield 1 expansion for Christmas, so I’ve been enjoying getting shot and killed repeatedly until I rage quit in a variety of new locations!”

Tef played a mixture of Splatoon 2 and PUBG, where he hopped back and forth between the game on PC and Xbox One. He even managed to win a match this week when he accidentally entered the Duos playlist, playing alongside a random player and sneakily made it through to the last few players, watching and biding his time as they killed each other.

Now then, what did you get for Christmas? And what have you played?

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  1. Oh man where to start…..
    Played alot of Fifa and created a great squad with 4 icons and soon to be a 5th xD
    Played Star Wars Battlefront 2 and got the Platinum in the early morning on Christmas Day.
    A few games of Friday the 13th Multiplayer.
    Went back on Assassins Creed: Origins to finish off all the locations and the misc trophies and got the Platinum on New Years Day to mark the first 2018 Platinum game xD and now on Need For Speed: Payback and just one trophy away from the Platinum and I shall obtain it tonight when I get back from the pub!

    Got a lot of new games but going to start on Call of Duty campaign. Prey, Far Cry 4, Wolfenstien II and Doom FVR will have to wait….

    • Good work on the Battlefront 2 platinum! I’ve had a few hours of Star Wars fun but mostly been playing Mario Odyssey. It’s impressive how good the first party games look on the Switch, Mario is the best so far, and of course it’s great fun. Unbox was scratching that platform itch but now Mario is doing a full massage.

      • Thanks Ron :)
        Just got Need for Speed: Payback Platinum #328 =D

  2. My usual bit of Final Fantasy XIV, before my sub ran out on boxing day. Still need to pick up a new time card to carry on my adventures in Eorzea.

    Apart from that, a bit of Super Mario 3D World with the wife. Finished Steamworld Dig 2, an excellent game but the final boss can sod off as far as I’m concerned, felt completely different to how the rest of the game played and irritated the hell out of me.

    Started Blaster Master Zero again as I’d left it so long I couldn’t remember my way around and played the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands, which seems to have some good characters and may end up being my favourite Telltale game.

  3. Got the platinum in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. Honestly, they should give a copy of this game to criminals and make them 100% it. Crime rates will plummet. Probably the worst story levels in a Lego game to date. Laborious even by Lego standards. The whole thing just seemed super rushed.

    Also got the platinum in ARK Survival Evolved. I really thought I’d like this game. I love dinosaurs but even they couldn’t save it. Other than a relatively easy plat, I don’t know what the purpose of this game is? It’s like Destiny meets No Mans Sky but with late PS3 graphics. Maybe it’s better if you have friends XD

    Finally, got the platinum in Telltales Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought the characters were a little odd at first but that’s only because I’m so used to the movie versions. Peter Quill looked like a young William Defoe for example and Gamora looked like she fell asleep in the sun with cucumber slices covering her eyes. Still, I really enjoyed it. Great soundtrack and pretty good story.

  4. Completed Song of the Deep, charming little game.

    Played a bit of Final Fantasy XV, cant point my finger at it, but something hooks me… I don’t think the story so far is very engaging and gameplay is very autopilot… But maybe that’s what I need at the moment, a perfect game to listen to a podcast or two while playing…

    Started Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Needed a break after finishing and platting Unity (oh those chests… so many chests!!!), but now I feel ready again for the next chapter. (also got it for like 20€ or so in some sale).

    Started and finished The Sexy Brutale, really good, stylish puzzle game with interesting mechanics. Will probably get the Plat later today.

    Also played a bit of Papers, Please, after waiting for at least an eternity for it to get released on the Vita…

  5. Too many things due to christmas and the PSN sale. Which I didn’t really play over christmas because I had a horrible cold and felt like shit (on the plus side, that shouldn’t happen again for another 3 or 4 years – I don’t seem to get colds often)

    So Assassin’s Creed Oranges is reasonably impressive. Not sure it’s a very good AC game, but it’s definitely lots of fun. But some of the voice acting is laughably bad. And the hippos can piss right off.

    The Crash Bandicoot trilogy could also entertain me for ages, since I’d forgotten how annoying it can be. But it’s as annoyingly fun as ever, and certainly looks nice in it’s new fancy version. (Extra long unskippable logos shouldn’t be allowed though. Along with running out of the screen sections that rely mostly on memory)

    Gran Turismo Sport has certainly surprised me. There’s quite a lot too it, and jumping around between different modes seems to be the way to not get bored. VR support is disappointingly lacking, until you get to level 20 (from other modes, since the VR mode doesn’t earn anything) and you get to drive around the Nurburgring in VR. Best to do it in the most stupidly powerful car you can manage, since an incident with the side of the track leading to spinning around 1080 degrees at 200mph is obviously great fun in VR and doesn’t make you throw up, somehow. Best to use one of those topless cars (that’s not the right term, is it?) to get the best view.

    And finally Nier: Automata is dragging me in with it’s weirdness and the best music of any game from last year. Only just started on that, really.

    The PSN sale also lead to too many VR things. Batman Arkham VR needs to be a full length game. Superhot is lots of fun (even that bit where it makes you look down). Statik has some great puzzles that are so obvious, once you’ve solved them. And The Solus Project is a strange thing that people might have overlooked. (And has an excellent movement system with the Move controllers that doesn’t involve teleporting)

    Oh, and the Telltale Batman thing with PS+ is very good. Possibly the best of their games so far. But I’ve only done 2 episodes so far. And it loses points for Batman moaning about his dead parents. Again.

    • Personally, I think Assassin’s Creed Pomegranates was better than AC Oranges! :D

  6. First up, i took my PSVR home for xmas and introduced my mum, in her mid-70s, to VR. She enjoyed Alumette – “isn’t it wonderful how they do it?”, Ocean Descent (minus the shark bit) – “oh wow, this is amazing” and then i thought she’d probably love TLG demo. All was well until Trico got too close for comfort and she suddenly let rip a blood-curdling scream and said she was closing her eyes and could i take off the headset please!
    She would only watch me playing after that but she can’t wait to tell her knitting group about her experience with “vir-tu-al reality”. :)

    On the VR Worlds disc i played London Heist – fun but short, Ocean Descent – the shark was still pretty effective despite having watched numerous videos of it previously, and about half of Scavenger’s Odyssey – enjoying this, feels more like a proper game compared to the other two and the big jumps are fun.

    I treated myself to a PS4 Pro in the new year sales and GT Sport was bundled with it – the VR mode looks and plays great but it’s really lacking in anything compelling structure/progression-wise. On the plus side the “flat” version is better than i expected.

    Naturally i had to see how some of my existing games looked on the Pro so onto Skyrim VR next and although it isn’t a huge enhancement over the (suited me fine for 60 hours gameplay)-og PS4, i’m pleased with the extra clarity and finer details that i’m now noticing.
    Driveclub VR also got a bit of a boost so i don’t have to rely on memory so much for the upcoming bends.
    And Robinson the Journey looks simply stunning on the Pro, the enhancement is really apparent and everything just pops now.

    Then Apollo 11 VR experience, i enjoyed the trip and history lesson but the “hands-on” bits were a bit fudgy.

    Then i installed Star Wars Battlefront in order to check out the VR mission – wow, that was awesome! It really did a good job of putting you in the Star Wars universe and the gameplay was perfect. It just beggars belief that there won’t be any more of it.

    Sadly, all this VR gameplay has had one unfortunate effect. As some will know, NMS was an obsession of mine for over a year so i decided to check out how it looked on my new Pro. It looks gorgeous of course but still i almost cried – it felt like i was sitting a few feet away from a window which looked out into the NMS universe and i could no longer immerse myself in it like before. :(

  7. just finished the main campaign in Wolfenstein…
    What a great game..going back for the side missions and collectables.
    I’m guessing that it requires more than one play through to get everything you need?

  8. I was away from my consoles in the Alps, so no gaming for me at all, instead doing family things like skiing, ice skating, going sledging, playing board games. And, as I stopped my family from making my backlog even worse, I got some good books, which is nice for a change.

    Back home I got some more holidays, and I’m thinking about going away for another week on my own, this time to the southern warmth, so it still doesn’t look like a lot of gaming for me at the moment.

    However, I did sort of organise my backlog a little, in terms of deciding what I want play this year. And I finally gave in: I just got that little girl with a bow game in the sale, together with Edith Finch and Observer.

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