Neverwinter’s Swords Of Chult Update Now Live On PS4 And Xbox One

Cryptic Games and Perfect World have confirmed that Neverwinter’s latest update is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. The update is called Swords of Chult and adds to the the Tombs of Annihilation content that was previously released. Port Nyanzaru is where players need to be headed if they want to experience the Swords of Chult’s content.

The main addition is the The Merchant Prince’s Folly skirmish in which players have to defend Port Nyanzaru from enemies who scour the city for its riches. This skirmish allows for five players to team up and has been created for those nearing the endgame. Swords of Chult also changes some PvP aspects like removing the tenacity stat, with items instead scaling further depending on activity. Control effects aren’t as strong and armour penetration has been adjusted. New PvP gear has also been added.

Inventory management has been improved so players can sort items more effectively, and sell all treasures at once. More display options are available. Items can now also be bulk converted into RP alongside smaller conversions. Those with multiple characters can create a Signet of Patronage to allow alt  characters to progress through campaigns quicker.

Source: Press Release

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