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Mario Tennis Aces Announced For Nintendo Switch This Spring


It’s not the most technical of tennis game series, but Mario Tennis is always plenty of fun arcade tennis. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash wasn’t the series’ best effort, but Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch looks to hold plenty of promise, and is on the way to the console this spring.

The biggest new here is the first story mode in the game since the Game Boy Advance, with plenty of straight up tennis matches, missions, mini-games, boss battles and more to overcome.

All the characters now have tennis clothes that would probably do for a bit of serious competition, but Nintendo promise that there will be some added depth to the tennis gameplay. You’ll still have all the superpowered craziness of Mario Tennis, but the game will also do more to help you figure out the best position to take and stroke to play in order to gain the advantage, thanks to glowing patches on the court.

Source: Nintendo

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