New Characters Come To Mario + Rabbids, Pokkén Tournament DX & Payday 2 On Switch

New characters were the order of the day in the Nintendo Direct Mini, with fresh additions to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Pokkén Tournament DX and the upcoming Payday 2 release on Switch on 27th February.

The imaginatively titled Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC pack 3 is on the way this Spring, adding a new character to play as, a new story to follow and a new world. There’s a new tropical theme as Donkey Kong enters the fray to save Rabbids Peach with boomerang banana ability.


Pokkén Tournament DX is getting a few new characters as in the Battle Pack DLC. This will come in two waves, with Wave 1 featuring the dual form Aegislash and support duo of Mega Rayguaza and Mimikyu, while Wave 2 has Blastoise and the support Pokémon set of Mew and Celebi.

Wave 1 will be out on 31st January, while Wave 2 is due on 23rd March, with the combined Battle Pack available for purchase now.

Finally, we come to Payday 2. The game is releasing on 27th February, with both online and local adhoc co-op play for the Switch version of the game. Joy is a timed exclusive character for the Switch release, with changing LED mask, unique weapons and hacker abilities.

Source: Nintendo

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