What We Played #339 – Hellblade, Furi & Fortnite Battle Royale

I’m really enjoying January. Not only has everything eased off after the whirlwind that is the autumn/winter season, I’m finally getting to play a bunch of games that I’ve been wanting to get to. I’ve finished off Hellblade now, and though it did outstay its welcome just a bit, it was still a fantastic piece of software. The included documentary on how they put it together and how they approached the difficult subject matter was a great bit of insight to watch once I’d finished it.

Besides PUBG and Horizon Zero Dawn, I’m also loving Star Wars Battlefront II. I’m a massive Star Wars fan, and it’s brilliant to play within the SW world. It does do some weird things on Xbox One X though, and sometimes goes into super speed mode, which makes it seem as though you’re in a Star Wars themed Benny Hill sketch. That gets you through some of the stages very quickly though, so it’s not all bad!

Jake was first up this week, and has played The Escapists 2 and ChromaGun on the Switch ahead of his reviews, while also dipping into Blossom Tales and Breath of the Wild. “I’m swiftly making progress through BoTW on Master Mode,” he said, “but I have no more weapons to use unless my Link Skyward Sword Amiibo gives me something sharp and pointy to kill things with on a daily basis.”

Aran has finally had his fill of Assassin’s Creed Origins, though the update may bring him back. He’s now started on the equally huge Middle-earth: Shadow of War while taking a look at Antihero on mobileDave meanwhile played L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files over the weekend, Hearthstone while in transit to Paris to see a game he can’t talk about yet and some Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus as well.

As he’s a very lucky chap, Tuffcub has been revisiting some older games now he has a PlayStation 4 Pro and a lovely new 4K OLED TV to play it on. “Destiny 2 looks fab, but Uncharted: The Lost Legacy looks worse to me; it looks very ‘computer game-y’ now.” He’s also tried out Fortnite: Battle Royale after discovering that it’s a free download, Sky Force Reloaded and Sky Force Anniversary as well.

Steve has had a busy little week on the gaming front;

Killing time a bit until Monster Hunter World, so clearing games from the drive and looking at smaller titles. Finished Luigi Dream Team and did a bit of Paper Mario: Sticker Star which is good but hasn’t really grabbed me. Blitzed Until Dawn for the platinum, which I loved – I’m actually working on a conference paper about it and Resi VII’s use of various horror styles and subgenres. Plugging away at Skyforce Reloaded: got all the cards and all the planes. Just hitting a wall on the hidden Nightmare mode. Also played a bit of Rayman Legends and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 with my 6 year old.

Miguel completed his three year Yakuza journey by beating Yakuza 5, which was “long as f**k”. He also played bit more Innerspace – a review is landing on Tuesday – and started messing around with the new Under Night game too. He also believes that someone is monitoring his email, given that he’s been after an SNK Heroines style game forever!

Ade has finally got in on the Horizon Zero Dawn action this week, but it’s the sound that’s really made an impression: “The sound is just phenomenal,” he said. “Crackling fires, tweeting birds and killer robots making suitably killer robot like sounds. Love it!”

Last and least, Tef has continued to dip into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in his free time, getting achingly close to a Chicken Dinner over the weekend. He’s also fiddled with Monster Hunter: World’s upcoming final beta, and played a couple things he can’t tell us about yet.

Then he picked up his Switch to play Furi, intending to knock together a quick piece about this great bullet hell–boss rush mash-up, only to discover that we don’t actually have a review of it on TSA! So this weekend he’ll be rushing through those bosses and helling his way past past bullets to be able to pin a score at the end of a full review. About time, as well!

What about you? Are you catching up on last year’s big games? Or just waiting for Monster Hunter?!

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  1. Quite a bit of Assassin’s Creed Oranges. For some reason, I have a chocobo to ride around on after accidentally finding the weird FFXV content. It doesn’t seem right riding one without the correct music though. I’ve also run away from far too many poorly animated hippos. But then ran into a bit I couldn’t do because I wasn’t levelled up enough. And spent too long doing loads of side quests and probably being over powered now.

    And I’ve got the last episode of the Telltale Batman game to finish off. Another easy platinum coming soon then.

    I’ve also decided I quite like Gran Turismo Sport. The VR mode is still sadly lacking content. But there’s something amusing about driving around the Nurburgring (longest version) in VR using the Sambabus. It’s something everybody needs to do, just because it’s so stupid. I did get it up to 80something mph going downhill, but uphill was just shit. 20mph and I think the people standing by the side of the road were looking a bit bored. Took about 16 minutes for 1 lap. On the plus side, I didn’t have to break going into any corners. The top speed isn’t anywhere near the point where that’s an issue.

    Also quite a bit of messing around in Rec Room. I got a very rare hairstyle from a box, and everyone keeps coming up to me to admire it and stroke it. Somehow managed to do one of the quests last night with a friendly husband and wife team (and 1 other) who knew what they were doing and didn’t take it too seriously. Much friendly swearing at each other over friendly fire incidents, and repeatedly teaching them how “yd” should be pronounced. Which didn’t help. Quite a bit of the fun laser tag and paintball games too. For some reason, the default reaction to being shot in those games is to laugh or congratulate the other player, which makes for a pleasant change.

  2. I made one resolution – not to jump into any of my new games until i had polished off more of my backlog.
    However in a moment of weakness i started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. And not that i didn’t believe people when they said it was gorgeous but damn, it’s gorgeous.

    • Good work! It is utterly gorgeous, just wait until you start climbing moubtains too, phew. What do you think of it so far?

  3. Bit of Lego Ninjago and bit of FIFA 17 (always a year behind, lol!)

  4. Played episodes 2-5 of Tales of the Borderlands for an easy platinum. Also a bit more Blaster Master Zero, only one more area to go so I expect to finish that by next week.

  5. Couple of nights of Fortnite Battle Royale with Tuffcub then also with KJKG. Good fun, but my lord we’re rubbish at it.

    I reckon we have a combined kdr of 0.2 or something equally rubbish.

    We have placed quite well in a coupe of games, but usually that’s when we don’t come across anyone until nearly everyone else is dead.

  6. Still 4 matches daily of Fifa 18 Squad battles.
    Bought a few PSVR games from the January sale and the Mrs played Time Machine VR and I fired up the PS3 and played a Free Plus game called Monster Jam Battlegrounds and nabbed the plat easily which makes it to Platinum #329 :)
    Started Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and quite enjoying it as it has a Champions of Norrath feels to it which is good enough for me lol should be able to complete the campaign tomorrow after work.

  7. More Battlefront 2 for me, I managed to finish all the Resistance goals and picked up a stonking purple star card for Finn. The payout for duplicate cards could be more generous, especially at lower levels, but the game is still great fun. I’ve also made good progress with Mario Odyssey, just like Zelda I’m reluctant to finish it, I just want it to go on forever!

  8. Got the Plat in The Sexy Brutale and then played mostly AC Syndicate, but also started Alpha Protocol on the PS3. Gotta work on that Backlog! :)

  9. My wish, despite the improbability of it all, is that Dave’s trip that he can’t talk about was to a top secret installation in the heart of Paris, where a man going by the name of Frederick Raynal met him on an unsuspecting street corner, and led him to a nearby underground bunker where he’s been hiding for the last 20 years. On entry to the bunker, Dave was faced by a 10 foot statue of an odd looking chap with a weird ponytail holding an odd golden orb, and then shown a fully functional and playable version of Little Big Adventure 3.

    (LBA1 being the first PC game Dave and I bought when our parents finally accepted that a 286 IBM was not sufficient to our needs in 1996, and to this day I think it’s what formed a lot of our ideals about what makes for a ‘fun’ storyline. Naturally, having enjoyed it so much, LBA2 was the first game I ever bought on release date. I do miss Electronics Boutique…)

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