Reports Surface Of A New Fable Game Being Developed By Playground Games

The lack of Xbox One exclusives will take some time to resolve itself, but reports suggest that Microsoft have already started to invest in reviving their first and second party development. Eurogamer’s sources point to a new Fable game being created at British developers Playground Games, who are best known for the excellent Forza Horizon series.

While racing games are their forte, Playground expanded to feature a second team in early 2017, with the intent of creating a game in a different genre. This saw the studio’s headcount growing from around one team of 115 to two teams of 200 people, and November saw them making some key hires with a view to creating an open world action RPG. That aligns with the new report of this being a return to the Fable franchise.


It’s surprising to hear that the series is to be revived so soon (relatively) after Lionhead’s closure in 2016 and the end of Fable Legends before it could even be released. While it’s great to hear the possibility of the series returning, and that it’s being done at a British developer to try and retain Fable’s unique sensibilities, it’s still a damn shame that Lionhead weren’t given the opportunity to make this game themselves after the folly of Fable Legends.

Source: Eurogamer

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