Playground Games Found Second Studio For New Open World Game

Having built themselves up on the popularity and success of the Forza Horizon series, Playground Games are now looking to expand, with the company founding a second studio in their home town of Leamington Spa and looking to branch out from the racing genre.

Speaking to, founder and creative director Ralph Fulton said, “Opening another studio is something we’ve been talking about for a good few years, but we’ve been keen not to rush into it. It’s a great opportunity for us to test ourselves in a different genre.


“We feel like we’ve become pretty good at racing games over the years. We can always get better, we can always strive to get better but we’d love to prove ourselves in a different genre. That’s another goal of Project 2, to allow us to do that. We’re going to need to hire some very talented people with experience that we don’t have.”

This will mean that the company can grow from a team of 115 full time staff to around 200, but Fulton also noted that tackling a new genre will also allow them to keep some of the talented individuals who might now be looking to make something other than racing games. Adding a second studio lets them both try something new and keep delivering on one of the most highly regarded racing series in recent times.

“Our business with Forza over the last six, seven years has been great for us,” Fulton said. “It remains the cornerstone of our business – we’re not running away from racing, we still feel passionate about making new racing games and delivering new experiences for our players.”


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