We Happy Few Delayed Until Summer, Removed From Steam Early Access

The drug addled survival game We Happy Few has been postponed from its April release date until sometime this summer, as developers Compulsion Games have decided that the game needs more work to be ready for a full release.

In particular, they’ll be focusing on the story and the opening few hours of the game, which they felt did not live up to what they wanted it to be. They’ll be using the extra time to speed the story up, bring plot points forward, get to the action faster, and so on.

In order to make all of these changes, they’ve decided that it’s best to simply focus on the 1.0 release from now on, as opposed to continuing to offer regular updates to Early Access purchasers. In light of that and the decision to raise the price to what they intend to charge at the final release, they’re removing it from sale on Early Access and will offer refunds to anyone that wants one, regardless of playtime.

Source: Compulsion Games

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  1. I wonder if that will push back the PS4 version…

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