We Happy Few documentary The Cost of Joy available to watch now

The story of We Happy Few may be one that many will remember from this generation. When it was revealed hype quickly built up as comparisons were made to games such as BioShock but with a dystopian placement in an English inspired town. As we saw more of the game this hype continued to build but when it was released reviews were quite middling. In fact, in our review Jason wrote:

“There’s a huge amount of potential in this dystopian 1960s drug trip, but ultimately it starts to feel frustrating quite quickly. Every time We Happy Few draws you in with an interesting tidbit about the world or the character you are playing as it’s scuppered by the systems fighting against you. It just becomes frustrating and makes a potentially immersive experience an irritating exercise in dealing with the game mistaking your intentions. Much like the dystopian world in which it is set, We Happy Few never feels quite right.”


Of course, behind the game is a whole development team and today a new documentary was uploaded called The Cost of Joy which explores how Compulsion Games went from Contrast to developing We Happy Few and how the team adapted to becoming a Microsoft studio. The documentary runs for approximately 40 minutes and you can watch the whole thing below.

Source: YouTube

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