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What We Played #342 – Monster Hunter: World, Destiny 2 & AC Origins

On the prowl.

This week has been a hectic one, though only because I’ve been playing lots of Monster Hunter: World in an effort to get my friends to the high level quests. It’s just as much fun helping others out – especially when you don’t have to worry too much about getting hit – and there’s a nice little sideline to be found in completing every single set of armour and every single weapon tree. I’ve also started on Dissidia NT for our review, and so far it’s chaotic, but slathered in fantastic Final Fantasy fan service.

Steve is also just about getting on the Monster Hunter train. “After all the anticipation and excitement I haven’t really had much time to play Monster Hunter: World. Spent a little spare time getting the platinum on Deadpool which was a nice challenge. Played a little more World of Final Fantasy during commutes. Also put a bit of time into Immortal Redneck for an upcoming review. This weekend is going to be wall to wall Monster Hunter.”

Having finished one day job and begun a new one, Aran was pleasantly surprised when his former colleagues bought him Monster Hunter: World – there may be a theme developing here. He also played some more UFC 3 for our upcoming review, and finished off Shadow of War.

Can you guess what Miguel has been playing? It’s Monster Hunter: World! Besides that he’s played some Under Night In-Birth Ex Late[st] – and I may just have to kill myself if I have to type that again – as well as some Breath of the Wild and Strikers Edge.

At this point, Jim’s game playing is probably not that revelatory, given his known predilection for hunting monsters:

This week has largely been devoted to Monster Hunter World, naturally. I’m taking my time, rationing it, experimenting with the various weapon types and hunting online with others.

After being fobbed off three consecutive times, CeX finally delivered my new PlayStation 3 with no mishaps. Well, I say new, it’s actually one of the early original “phat” models – the ones that can also run PS2 games. With Dynasty Warriors 9 currently on my plate for review, I’ve been revisiting those earlier games in the series, seeing what’s changed over the years.

Dave breaks the cycle by having played mostly Lost Sphear, as well as Hearthstone’s newest Tavern Brawl involving unidentified equipment and potions, “which is relatively fun, but not the best brawl”. He’s also played a VR game on my HTC Vive called Sairento VR, with a review is coming next week, as well as a bit more of Dragon Quest Builders for the Switch.

Ade also has had other things going on, though we should probably worry about him; “I’ve been playing even more Assassin’s Creed Origins this week in order to finish off The Hidden Ones for review. I’m now beginning to imagine that I am Bayek. I have started seeing exclamation marks above random stranger’s heads and have become convinced that I can solve their problems by murdering someone for them. It’s terrifying. Send help.”

On that basis Jake may have some other murders to investigate; “I just played Destiny 2’s Iron Banner earlier in the week with Tuffcub. and I enjoyed cutting down some opponents with my Quick Fang sword. Aside from that, I’ve just been playing LA Noire for the Switch, but it feels like all I’m doing now is solving homicide cases. I’m hoping there’s one more to solve before I’m promoted in the game.”

Kris has spent this week playing D&D, which is like Monster Hunter but in the real world. “Next week I’m in a wrestling tournament (in D&D to be clear). I also played Trap Adventure 2, which is a mobile platformer created by someone who hates people and loves to lie. Levels are full of traps and constantly trick you. It’s very much about learning level layouts etc… There was only one bit where I got substantially stuck due to a hidden exit, but it’s very simplistic and I enjoy it a lot, and it’s nice to have a tricky platformer that doesn’t require you to move through levels at a million miles an hour”.

As we’ve already heard, Tuffcub has gone back to Destiny 2 for Iron Banner but said “it’s just something to do and really not fun”. He’s also been playing Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation on PS Vita as he never finished it off. “Other than that I ‘played’ the Telltale Batamn game by leaving it running whilst I was cooking and only paid attention to it when there was a sequence you had to complete for the game to progress. Frankly I’m bored of the Telltale template now.”

Finally, Tef disappoints everyone by not playing Monster Hunter: World. Instead, he spent last weekend playing the sublime remake of Shadow of the Colossus and got a few rounds of PUBG in (but still awaits his first solo chicken dinner). In games that you’ll hear more about next week, he’s tipped hopped into Battalion: 1944’s classic multiplayer FPS for a couple matches, tipped a tractor while trying to feed cows and explored a dark forest.

So, how about you? Are you stuck down the Monster Hunter rabbit hole?

  1. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    Just the AC Origins dlc. Got back to 100% on the trophy list, lol

    Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 18:59.
  2. Crazy_Del
    Since: Jul 2009

    Played ALOT!!! Lol
    The usual Fifa Squad Battles 4 matches a day and a couple matches of Friday the 13th with the new update and still enjoying it.
    Nabbed 4 Platinums in 4 days and hopefully a 5th tonight which will make it to 5 Plats in 5 days (A Plat a day lol)
    Monday was The Inpatient Platinum
    Tuesday was Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul VR Platinum
    Wednesday was The Assembly VR Platinum.
    Thursday was Batman TellTale Games Platinum.
    Tonight I’m playing Mortal Blitz VR and I am quite close to nabbing the Platinum but it is proving a bit of a challenge for me at the moment.

    The Inpatient was good but was far too short and like Tuffcub said it had a tank motion feel which was quite poor. Paranormal was actually more jumpy and frightning than The Inpatient of I am being honest. The Assembly was great wee fun and very relaxing and I love snoIping about lol. Batman well it’s….. Batman brilliant game from TTG and now Mortal Blitz very short but great fun with dual weapons (2x PS Moves)

    Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 19:10.
  3. JR.
    Since: Apr 2013

    Got the plat in LEGO Ninjago. Probably the best Lego game we’ve played to date. Who knew, removing the Minikits would improve the tired old Lego game formula so much. So many of the things that felt like huge chores in the previous games (to get 100%) have been scrapped and the game is so much better because of it. Absolutely loved it.

    The kids did too and seem to have turned into Ninjago freaks overnight. We knew nothing about Ninjago before this game. They have asked for the Lego Ninjago Movie for Easter and Lego Ninjago sets for Christmas (I know) – we just started watching the series on Netflix too.

    To think we dismissed this game initially because it wasn’t Marvel or DC… then Marvel Superheroes 2 turned out to be a huge let down.

    That’s pretty much it this week. Played some more of Telltale’s walking dead on the Vita – just finished episode three. Didn’t realise how much of an a-hole Kenny was. What a Jerk.

    Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 19:10.
  4. Andrewww
    Since: Jan 2010

    Next on my list to catch up with all the games I somehow missed in 2017 is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

    Well, I got to admit I’m not a fan of Ninja Theory. The last game of them I played almost made me throw my controller at the wall, this Odyssey to wherever piece of a broken game, with sudden difficulty spikes that made it unplayable for me.
    But, ok, after all those positive reviews I decided to give them another chance. And it was well worth it. Games really are growing up now, Hellblade refreshingly dark and lacks the usual Mickey Mouse atmosphere most games still have, one way or the other.
    It took me a while, and dying quite often against this bird guy, to find out there’s a time slowing mechanic in the game, maybe I just missed when I was prompted for it. But the game looks awesome, and although I usually don’t like fighting games, as I hate stupid button mashing, this one is more about good timing, and it’s telling a story in a grim way. I’m enjoying it so far.

    Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 19:17.
  5. gernboes
    Since: Oct 2008

    Monster Hunters for me too, the first one I play for real. Tried some Demo on VITA once, didn’t understand it one bit and quit it, but this one got its hooks into me…

    Also Uncharted 3 on PS4, although I completed all the Uncharted games on PS3, I wanted to replay them before starting 4 and Lost Legacy, so I’m finishing this and then I finally can get onto 4!
    And with the reactivation of the elusive targets, I started playing Hitman again, trying to get as many of them as I can and also hopefully finally finishing the story and the Game of the Year content – really a shame this hasn’t got a platinum, would love to go for it…

    Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 19:37.
  6. TSBonyman
    Since: Dec 2009

    Horizon Zero Dawn, nearing the end of the storyline now so i’m mopping up some of the various side bits n bobs around the map in order to prolong the ending. Overall it’s been a shorter ride than i expected but quality all the way.

    Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 21:22.
    • ron_mcphatty
      Since: Sep 2008

      I think your perspective on game length must’ve been skewed by the hundreds of hours you must’ve spent on No Man’s Sky! Quality is a great way to describe Horizon though, literally or figuratively, it’s just bloody incredible! And a good one to platinum if you fancy getting more out of it, there’s nothing particularly demanding you just need to play more.
      I’ve had a few games of Battlefront 2 since last Friday and I was over the moon when I finally got the Not All Miss (5x three shotgun kills in a row) trophy after many nerve racking and sweaty rounds of blast. It was really demanding for a noob like me, so so frustrating at times, but after a lot of blue air and gritting of teeth it was incredibly satisfying to hear the ping after so many weeks of trying. Probably the second most satisfying trophy I’ve earned after the MGS4 platinum. It’ll be a long slog but I think I’ll go for the BF2 platinum this year, the rest of the trophies look like they need less skill and more luck and persistence, and lots of time and patience since I’m only at level 26!

      Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 21:50.
      • TSBonyman
        Since: Dec 2009

        I think the RPG nature of the game led me to expect more in that respect, there’s actually only 40-odd missions in total between main missions and side-missions. Loads of other what i would call ‘incidental’ stuff finding vantage points, metal flowers, clearing corruption zones etc. Tempted to pick up the DLC but might wait for a sale as i have other games to get around to too!

        Congrats on the hard-won trophy – i haven’t played a BF-like shooter for ages so i’d be even noober at it!

        Comment posted on 03/02/2018 at 11:37.
    • TSBonyman
      Since: Dec 2009

      Also forgot to mention following a telltale game, i am Platman!

      Comment posted on 03/02/2018 at 11:44.
    • Andrewww
      Since: Jan 2010

      Sounds actually good to me if it’s not one of those never ending games. It’s probably an age thing, but the older I get the less I am willing to spend hundreds of hours in a single game or play a game multiple times, etc.

      Comment posted on 03/02/2018 at 12:04.
  7. Jag
    Since: Feb 2009

    Just managed to platinum Assassin’s Creed Origins which I thought I’d better get done now before I’m totally hooked on Monster Hunter.
    Speaking of which Monster Hunter takes a little getting used to but it’s so much fun once you get into the groove.
    With Monster Hunter taking up my gaming time along with GT Sport I’m done with Destiny 2 for now, hopefully I’ll be tempted back when the next expansion arrives.
    I’m looking forward to the Dynasty Warriors 9 review and playing the Shadow remake next week.

    Comment posted on 02/02/2018 at 21:39.
  8. MrYd
    Since: Mar 2011

    AC oranges, getting bored of cleaning up all those little question marks now.

    GT Sport, getting obsessed with trying to get gold in all those single player bits. And building up a collection of rubbish cars in the process.

    And a bit of BF1 too. Loving the more sea-based maps. And the new objectives they added when I wasn’t looking.

    And some VR with Starblood Arena again, Arizona Sunshine, which is lots of fun, and Megaton Rainfall, which is a surprising hidden gem. With fun messages if you just fly away from Earth and leave the galaxy. Impressive flying from outside the galaxy all the way down to street level and seeing cars and people. People who may die due to inappropriate use of Superman style powers.

    Comment posted on 03/02/2018 at 13:03.
    • Andrewww
      Since: Jan 2010

      Megaton Rainfall flew under my radar, but sounds fun. I put it on my wish list for later. Thanks.

      Comment posted on 05/02/2018 at 13:43.