Report: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Have Battle Royale And First Person Modes


Trustedreviews are reporting that they have documents detailing the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar. They seem pretty sure the documents, which they have had since August 2017, are legitimate as they have corroborated numerous details, but there is every chance some of this is either fake or has already been cut from the game.

They report the game will come with a number of multiplayer modes, Revive and Survive, Money Grab, and the mode du jour, Battle Royale. Revive and Survive pits two teams against each other with a limited amount of resuscitation per team, whilst Money Grab asks you for your credit card numbers and forces you to buy pointless cosmetic items. Just joshing, it’s a battle over a big pile of money, obvs.

Because every game has to be Battle Royale the inclusion of the mode in RDR2 shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but no further details were given so we don’t know the player count or how starting locations will be decided.

They also the game can be played in first person and GTA Online elements will be incorporated, replacing apartments with tents, and there will be treasure hunts and deathmatches.

It is said that railways will be part of the game and you will be able to use trains to travel, and explore the interior whilst you do so. Your actions will affect the story to some degree, plus there will be the usual activities such as crafting, fishing, horse riding, and gambling, with a poker mini-game also being available on the companion app.

All of the leaks above do seem plausible but we shouldn’t have too long to wait for the official reveal.

Source: TrustedReviews

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  1. I hope they’re making it all up.

    RDR had a stupidly fun multiplayer side. Sensible game modes (not this battle royale crap). Co-op stuff with random people. General messing about get repeatedly killed by random people until you decide to respawn a bit further away. Laughing at the rubbish donkeys while other people are all “I’m on a horse!”

    And proper DLC with both single and multiplayer stuff. And terrible horse races.

    Sounds like RDR2 will have a (most likely excellent) single player campaign, and that’ll be it except for endless ways to get more money out of people.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’m not too optimistic.

  2. RDR Battle Royale sounds AMAZING! I’m in!

    As for the fps mode, I prefer that perspective on general, but not in a RDR game, it’s built for 3rd person and should stay that way imo.

    One of the only games I’m actually hyped about, love me some cowboy shenanigans.

  3. First person mode…….a step closer to VR?

    • Exactly what I was thinking… I really do hope so!

  4. Sounds great! I’ve only just started the original RDR, it’s brilliant, some stealthy Wild West Battle Royale will be a lot of fun.

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