Laser League Heads Into Early Access And Gets A Tournament Themed Trailer

The makers of OlliOlli and Not a Hero have been beavering away at their take on futuristic sports for quite a while now, and after months with short and sweet closed beta and then open beta tests, they’ve finally pushed the game out onto Steam Early Access. To celebrate and try to get people through the door, there’s a 30% discount making it £7.69 instead of £10.99.

Laser League drops players into fast paced 2v2 or 3v3 battles online, or 4v4 locally, where controlling the map and its array of deadly laser walls is the key to success. Players pick contrasting classes with a variety of abilities, such as Smash to knock people around the arena and into deadly walls, Steal to switch nodes to your team, and Ghost, which lets you pass through enemy lasers and potentially get to a downed team mate.


They’ve also released a new trailer, which features our very occasional contributor Kris, who went to Loading Bar in Dalston when Roll7 and 505 Games held a community tournament. As Tuffcub says, it’s not exactly hard to spot him, “He’s the one that looks like the Cookie Monster.”

While the game is only on PC for the time being, it is planned for a release on console in due course.

Source: press release, Steam

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