A Laser League Open Beta Is Taking Place Between January 26th And 28th

Roll7 and 505 Games have confirmed another beta for the future sport game Laser League, with this one being an open one on Steam. The beta begins on January 26th at 9am PST, which is 5pm UK time, and will run until 10pm PST on Sunday 28th January. That’s Monday 29th at 6am in the UK. Those who take part will receive bonuses including emojis, character portraits, and the Al Shama OASIS 401 Limited Edition kit.


Three stadiums will be present in the beta with a total of 12 map types between them. The arenas include Empire Campus Stadium (London, UK), Geng Hao Megaplex (Tianjin, China), and Silvertip Arena (Detroit, USA). Along with those stadiums six classes will be available to experiment with to find the best fit.

Those classes are:

  • Blade: Offers a short-range attack to eliminate opponents
  • Smash: Provides a longer-range dash attack, to send opponents flying across the pitch
  • Snipe: Allows players to drop a marker and trace a line across the pitch, then teleport back, eliminating anyone in their path
  • Ghost: Gives players a few seconds of invincibility to safely grab laser nodes or revive teammates
  • Thief: Delivers opportunities to steal laser nodes that have been activated by the opposition
  • Shock: Lends powers of electricity to stun rivals

Source: Press Release

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