Laser League’s 1.2 Update Adds New Leaderboards And Bug Fixes

Roll7 has rolled out update 1.2 for Laser League on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This update has brought with it seven new leaderboard types as well as a new weekly leaderboard section. On top of that timings have been rebalanced for the various classes, and a number of bugs have been fixed. These fixes included taking action on a bug where players could move before the countdown finished, and addressing toggling voice chat on and off in the menu during a match on PS4 and Xbox One.

The full list is below.

– Added 7 new Leaderboard types
– Added the “Weekly Leaderboard” section

Class Modifiers
– Timings rebalance for all classes

Notable bug fixes
– Improved on an issue allowing players to move before the countdown finished
– Fixed a minor issue causing Ghost to not receive multiple “Evader” awards when done successfully
– Fixed an edge case in which the surround scoreboard can disappear for a point
– Fixed an issue causing laser gaps to not appear during Replays
– Fixed an issue preventing the unlock of “The Real Laser Lord” Achievement (PC/Xbox One)
– Improved the functionality of the Ghost “traverse through lasers” count statistic
– Fixed an issue causing “Survivor” statistics to cap at a certain number
– Fixed an issue causing “Revive” statistics/Mastery progress to be registered more than once
– Fixed an issue allowing Class/Modifier to be changed while already “Readied Up”
– Minor update to the Leaderboard UI
– Fixed an issue with turning voice chat on/off in the menu while already in a match (PS4/Xbox One)
– Fixed an issue with the localisation for the “Devious” XP award
– Fixed an issue causing the 5th Mastery Rank unlocks to be presented after every match
– Fixed an inconsistent Blade Mastery Challenge name
– Fixed a minor UI issue regarding MVP at End-of-Round Class change
– Fixed a minor UI issue regarding spacing between larger letters
– Fixed minor localisation issues

Source: Steam

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