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Farming Simulator 19 Announced, Promises “Great Improvements”

The annual Farming Simulator has been announced with CGI trailer and promises of great things to come. Martin Rabbi from Giants states on the PlayStation Blog that the game will include a “complete overhaul of its graphics engine, offering the most striking and immersive visuals and effects.”

“Its content will be richer than ever,” adds Martin, “With the addition of new big brands, Farming Simulator 19’s garage will be the franchise’s most extensive vehicles roster ever. Farming Simulator 19 will also introduce new farming activities, new animals with horses, brand new mechanics as well as new crops, all of which we will be revealed in great detail over the coming months and future events.”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. “new animals with horses”. Lies, horses have been around for at least 15 years.

    • 15 years? Really that long?

      I’m fairly sure they were invented for that “I love horses” magazine for young girls where you got a bit of a horse each week for about 8 years and then you could assemble them into some sort of rotting horse carcass.

      At least, I think that’s how it worked. I’ve just got the song stuck in my head again.

  2. “Used to run a likkle boy spliff, but now me proper ganja farmer”

  3. Technically it’s not annual Tuff as you get a PC & console release every 2 years. They alternate between that and the Android/handheld games.

    I’m hoping for a lot of improvements this time round, hopefully they expand the management side of the game rather than releasing it as glorified DLC.

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