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Bungie Update Their Destiny 2 Roadmap, Delaying A Few Features

Since the start of the year, Bungie have tried their best to be more open with the community about Destiny 2 and their plans for its future, but we’re now seeing the first real consequence of that: delaying previously announced features.

In an update to the roadmap that they posted back in January, they’ve delayed the following features:

  • Prestige Nightfall Challenge Cards V1 – New for 27th February
  • Exotic Repetition Reduction – Postponed until 27th March
  • Nightfall Strike Unique Rewards – Postponed until 27th March
  • Companion Vendor Viewing – Postponed until 27th March
  • Exotic Weapon/Armor Sandbox Changes – Postponed until May
  • Mod System Improvements – Delayed until after 1.2.0 in May

That’s naturally going to be disappointing, and the time that it takes Bungie to adapt and react still feels long when people are fast losing interest in staying with the game.

However, in a positive step for the game’s multiplayer, they’re bringing back the Rumble mode to join the weekly Crucible rotation alongside 6v6 Iron Banner and the Mayhem game mode. This will occur with 1.1.4 at the end of March. They’re also planning to bring back Doubles as a regular mode at some point in the future.

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