The Destiny 2 Roadmap Has Been Released By Bungie

Quite a number of major changes incoming

The latest update for Destiny 2 was released just a little while back, with its main focus on armour masterworks. However Bungie are keen to show what future updates will be fixing, adding, and changing, and so have released the update roadmap. This outline covers what Destiny 2 players can expect to see up until May, which is when season 3 for the game begins.

Update 1.1.3 will be focused on the strikes and social elements, adding score tracking as well as unique rewards for Nightfall. Then in March’s 1.1.4 update perhaps the biggest addition will be 6v6 Iron Banner matches, and weekly crucible playlists that include Mayhem. When Season 3 begins in May players can expect private matches to be added, as well as exotic masterworks.

Source: Bungie

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  1. I find some of it baffling.

    By the time the vault space increase comes out, it’ll have been more than 6 months since they said they were working on it.

    Contrast that with Fortnite which is getting weekly updates.

    Contrast the size of the 2 teams.

    Honestly I just don’t know what they’re playing at. I understand development can take a while, but that seems a fairly minor thing to increase and its taking them 6 times longer than a team about 100th their size.

    Back in D1 days they blamed legacy consoles for vault space restrictions and difficulties in increasing. What’s their excuse now?

  2. Why is it only Iron Banner that is going to be 6v6? That’s rubbish.

    • Agreed. It’s a waste considering every other game mode is 4-player, not only that but they should’ve added the other crucible game types, including mayhem. Private games at the end of this game’s cycle is a waste too.

      I’m really disappointed. Most of the May stuff should have been part of this week’s update. At this point, Bungie is confirming that there will be no incentive to play until May.

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