Metal Gear Survive Makes You Pay £7.99 For A Second Character Slot

Reports are coming in that if you want to have more than one character in Metal Gear Survive you are going to have to pay real cash to do so. You can change the appearance of your character at Base Camp, but if you want a completely new one you will need purchase a new save slot for 1,000 Survival Coins.


A pack of 1,150 Survive Coins purchased via Steam, the PSN, or the Xbox Store will cost you £7.99/$9.99. The only other way to create a new character is to completely wipe your existing one and start again.

Charging for a save slot is a new low when it comes to micro-transactions and the backlash has already begun.

Source: Gamestar / ResetEra / Reddit

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  1. Can these be earned in game at a reasonable rate? If not and you can earn enough without excessive play then it is more of a time saving exercise which isn’t uncommon, the Battlefield games for example have a pay to unlock early system.

    Either way, to charge for a second character is a bit crap but I suppose if you are needing another for a household member then you would likely have a PSN account for each person. A few games make you earn the right to more characters – CoD has had this for a while but you had a few to start out with.

    If the only way to earn them is with real money then it is fairly despicable.

  2. Absolute joke if you can’t earn survival coins in game then what is the point. Might aswell remove Fifa coins and just add in Fifa Points instead so you don’t receive rewards after a match.

    I am so glad I didn’t buy it yesterday.

  3. Guessing you’ll need a separate Konami ID for each as well!

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