Drawn To Death Devs Shut Offices, Was Working On Iron Man PSVR Game

David Jaffe has tweeted that they are shutting down the offices of The Bartlett Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, the studio that created Drawn to Death. The studio laid off the majority of it’s development staff a month ago as the project they were working on had been cancelled.

Jaffe also revealed that they were working on a PSVR game in which you would play as Marvel’s Iron Man.


“We had a PSVR IRON MAN game we were prototyping at Bartlet Jones! It was unfunded and @MarvelGames knew NOTHING about it (we were gonna pitch it to them later and HOPE they liked it!:). You could talk to JARVIS using PSVR mic while flying around;was so cool! Maybe one day!:)” he tweeted.

Source: Twitter

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