Horizon Zero Dawn Sells 7.6 Million Copies To Be Sony’s Biggest New Franchise

Horizon Zero Dawn was a real highlight from 2017, showing that creating new IP instead of churning out sequels can still work, letting Guerrilla Games flex their creative muscle, and handing Sony a huge new first party exclusive to tout for the PlayStation 4.

On the game’s first anniversary, Sony have said that the game has sold more than 7.6 million copies, making it the most successful new first party franchise to launch on PlayStation 4. It’s an oddly specific stat, but I’m scratching my head to think of what new game series would have topped it in any PlayStation generation, regardless of who developed it.


Guerrilla’s MD and co-founder Hermen Hulst said, “We had huge ambition for Horizon Zero Dawn and as we approached the launch we knew people were excited, but to see sales of this volume is truly mind blowing. Since launch, millions of players have joined Aloy on a quest to discover the secrets of the old ones. We hope they enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Congratulations to Guerrilla for such a rousing success. If you ask us, you deserve it!

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  1. A well deserved achievement, as much as they struggled to get a good story out of killzone, they perfected Horizon.

    Now please give me killzone 5

  2. The most successful new first party franchise to launch on PlayStation 4 – I think they’re saying it sold more than Knack :)

  3. Haven’t bought it yet…awaiting price to come down for the Complete Edition…I can wait…

  4. Looking through the company accounts they should make a hefty profit as it only cost them £56,000 to make.

  5. Not surprising tbh, it’s a stellar game for a brand new I P. Well done Guerilla!

  6. Incredible game. It’s tragic yet beautiful at the same time. The Frozen Wilds DLC is fantastic too. Wish I could experience them again for the first time.

  7. And yet, it sits firmly in my backlog. But I don’t believe any of it, as it cannot be, single player games got to be scrapped during development, they don’t sell.

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