For Honor On Console Is Switching Over To Dedicated Servers Today

It’s been a long, long time coming, but For Honor will finally be making the shift from peer-to-peer hosting to dedicated servers today. This was already implemented on PC back in February, and the dedicated server infrastructure is now coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following a period of maintenance this afternoon at 2PM GMT.

The entire point is to cut out a lot of the instability that pushed some people away from the innovative online melee game last year, and the PC shift has already shown improvements. Ubisoft tout that resyncs and host migrations have been entirely eliminated, leading to higher match completion rates across the board. The staggered roll out also means that tweaks and fixes implemented on PC over the last few weeks will be there from the off on console.

However, is it a case of too little, too late? Let us know in the comments if having dedicated servers (and the new Hero and fight updates that are part of Season Five) are enough to draw you back to the game.

Source: press release

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