The PUBG Xbox One Spring Roadmap Promises Better Performance & Miramar

The Game Preview of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One has been a huge success in terms of sales, but has taken a lot of criticism for its poor performance, and the way that the release of patches has slowed to a crawl in the last couple of months. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s PC roadmap for 2018, however, comes an outline of the plan for the game on Xbox One.

The biggest issue is improving the game’s performance, but there’s also tons of work to be done on the UI, inventory management, controller options, sound and more. Some of the 2018 features planned for PC will also be making the jump, with emotes and more player customisation options on the way.

To test all of this, PUBG Corp. are spinning up a test server where you’ll be able to try out patches and content updates before they’re considered good enough to go “Live”.

Oh, and the Miramar map will be coming out in “early spring”.

For more details, here’s the outline from the PUBG blog:

PUBG Xbox One Spring Roadmap

  • Continued performance optimizations: To put it bluntly, we are simply not satisfied with the games current console performance, and especially so during tense moments of onscreen action. We have found some immediate opportunity to increase framerate through changes to Erangel’s building materials, as well as some reduction to in-game foliage composition. Until we are completely satisfied in the quality and reliability of the experience, efforts to optimize performance will be an ongoing hi-priority issue. Here are some of the specific technical areas we have made changes:
    – Optimized game characters and their movements
    – Optimized the number of particle effects that are spawned by vehicles and grenades
    – Optimized object collision complexity
    – Balanced the game work across all CPU cores to reduce streaming hitches when moving
  • UI optimizations: Our goal is that PUBG stands up well when compared to other games in your collection, and this comparison begins the second you boot up the game. HDR and Safe Zone options, the quality of the individual assets, the speed at which they load and how they react to your selection are all things we will improve upon as we move towards creating a premium and higher quality experience.
  • Improve Inventory UX: We receive a ton of feedback around the usability of the title, particularly when it comes to navigating the inventory UI. PUBG is a complicated game to control, and when you factor the risk versus reward of inventory management in high pressure situations, the interface must be intuitive and responsive. We are working towards that goal, and we have some changes coming that we hope will allow players to action the decisions they want to make, faster.
  • Improvements to Console Controller Options: We will be providing additional preset configurations to choose from as well as exposing a wider set of aiming options, providing players more freedom to create a controller experience that feels satisfying and empowering.
  • Improvements to game matchmaking: To support a fair and competitive environment, we plan to further improve matchmaking for Duo and Squad modes.
  • Console Player Reporting Features: We are hoping to streamline reporting by adding in-game tools that will empower players to more quickly submit instances of unsporting behavior (Solo Teaming, Team Killing etc).
  • Updates to Vehicle Penetration: To promote a greater sense of realism, we will be applying bullet penetration to our vehicle system. Our current model can be viewed as a vehicles body having a life bar that must be reduced before the driver can be damaged. When our update is released, players that are skillful with their shots, can pierce vehicle doors and panels, damaging enemy players and ensuring that threat is constant even for those behind the wheel.
  • Game Highlights: We want players to easily capture and share in-game actions of interest, so we have integrated Game Highlights functionality on Xbox.
  • Achievements: We have some great ideas for those players that like an added challenge, and we will be rolling out our achievement criteria as part of our roadmap.
  • Sound: We’re going to continue improvements to audio quality and directional sound.
  • Customization: We will add in-game Player Customization Options, emotes and more. We want to offer a wide range of options for you to customize your character in style.
  • Test server: In advance of major upcoming patch releases, we will be making available to players a separate PUBG Xbox Download client. There, players can participate in our latest content updates before they are moved to “Live”.
  • Miramar is coming to Xbox early spring!!!

Source: PUBG

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