Tomb Raider I, II & III Are Being Remastered For PC & VR

Not a fan of the modern Tomb Raider reboot? Well, perhaps remasters of the first three Tomb Raider games might tickle your fancy. Now, don’t get your hopes up for some magical Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy ground up remake, because these aren’t that, but rather completely true to the original ports of the original games into a new game engine.

Realtech VR are the team behind them, and these are actually PC ports of the iOS and Android versions of the games that were recently released. Bringing Tomb Raider to iOS and Android meant they recreated the game engine in OpenGL, added a few more modern effect like ambient occlusion and better shadowing. On PC they’ll also have support for 360 and Xbox one game controllers in Windows 7 and Windows 10, and they’re even adding in OpenVR support, so you can pop a fancy hat on.


Oh, and if you own the DOS versions of the game that are available on Steam and a few other places, then  you’ll get this for free. There’s a good reason for this, as Realtech aren’t touching the assets, but simply sprucing up the game engine.

Here’s a couple videos of the first two games in action:

Source: Twitter, via Core Design

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  1. Should probably make note that those two videos are from last year. And they do not fully represent what these “remasters” will look like. (albeit close)

  2. Considering that Skyrim VR had to replace normal movement with teleportation to avoid making players sick, somehow, I doubt that Tomb Raider is a good idea and Tomb Raider kinda does have a lot of moving involved. As for the PC remasters, i wonder if this is a test to see if Original Croft is worth doing again. Oh and giggity, i suppose. Tomb raider, doing. HAHAHHAHA. Dirty minded flubs!

    Also, this on mobile? God, the controls must be awful. I just can’t see it being that fun to play on a touch screen.

  3. Such memories. I wish they would remake them all, ‘Crash style’. Keep everything the same but spruce up the graphics. Same with Resident Evil 1-3 & Dino Crisis.

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