Four Player Co-Op Shooter Earthfall Is Heading To Consoles

Earthfall is currently bubbling away on Steam Early Access with mostly positive reviews following a big update. It’s a four player co-op shooter in which you can build defences and create weapons, in short, it’s Left 4 Dead but with aliens rather than zombie types. Due to the setting and the inclusion of grubbly aliens it also looks a bit like the PlayStation 3 series Resistance.


The game will be launching on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this Spring. Here’s the features list taken from the Steam page.

  • Co-operative Survival For up to Four Players – Team up with friends to survive the alien infestation. Robust multiplayer support and A.I. teammates stand ready to ensure a full team at any time regardless of available players
  • Build Your Defenses – Strategically deploy barricades to block the enemy hordes and install turrets anywhere to create perfect alien killing zones
  • Print Your Weapons – Use advanced 3D printers to print more than twenty different weapons to use against the vicious alien enemies
  • Multiple Campaigns – Each campaign tells a story across several missions, allowing players to dive in and experience diverse settings and mission types across the Pacific Northwest (one campaign availabile in initial Early Access release)
  • Close Encounters of the Brutal Kind – Deadly aliens come in all shapes and sizes, from massive drones armies attacking in waves to towering behemoths spitting plasma, every experience is different, each time you play
  • Battle Unpredictable Enemies – Earthfall features a dynamic spawn system providing a constant set of new challenges lurking behind every corner
  • An Unfolding Story – Every campaign reveals new content and secrets behind the world of Earthfall and the cataclysmic alien invasion

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