NeuroVoider Launches On PS Vita Today

This is the digital equivalent of a sympathy sh*g, because the poor little PS Vita doesn’t get any love these days and I’m feeling a bit sorry for it. So, launching today is NeuroVoider, a twin stick shooter which uses the word ‘procedural’ an awful lot.


It’s almost a year to the day since NeuroVoider launched on PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s a list of features as found on the press release.

  • Action packed top-down shooting. May include explosions.
  • Procedurally generated content and hazards. Hope you don’t mind a few game overs.
  • 8,736 unique enemies to blow up. Yes, we counted.
  • Tons of loot to customize your character with. Explode your foes with that “double twin-plasma shotgun of father doom” they’ve just dropped.
  • Gigantic bosses to challenge your bullet dodging skills. Chances are that they don’t fit on your screen.
  • Powerful dark synth music by Dan Terminus. May your ears survive the beat.

Source: Press release

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  1. Excellent love the sympathy metaphor too. It’s amazing how well the Vita is carrying on all things considered!

    • I think the Switch being the Vita 2 in terms of indies and some Japanese games helps breathe some life into the old feller yet!

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