UK Retailer Grainger Games In Trouble, Cancelling Pre-Orders

UK high street chain Grainger Games has had it’s supplier credit limits cut and are currently “working tirelessly with our advisers to explore all options and are in dialogue with a number of interested parties regarding the future of the business.”

The company is informing those who have pre-ordered games, including Far Cry 5, that they will not be getting the title. Grainger Games reported losses of £1.3 million last year and investors are said to be worried following the collapse of Toys R Us and Maplins. Grainger have said that these failures have meant that “confidence in UK high street retail has been at an all-time low.”


We have had a tip-off that the company has already stopped trading certain hardware and are preparing to close stores, possibly as early as Monday, although we must stress we have not confirmed these details.

Grainger have 67 stores across the country and employ around 400 staff.

Source: ChroniceLive / Gamasutra

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  1. I’m sorry but who?

    Never ever heard of this store

    • They seem to be no further south than Nottingham

      • Yeah they’re oop north. I’m just showing that even as one of those London based metropolitan elitists, I care about the scum outside the M25.


    • I believe they’re originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne – the original store, in the Toon’s Grainger Market, was one of my favourite games stores when I was at uni. I’m sorry to hear they’re struggling.

  2. That’s a shame but not surprising. With oline retailers and supermarkets able to sell games etc cheaper it’s difficult for high Street stores to compete.

    • It has a substantial online presence and used to be (might still be) quite affordable. I’d have expected GAME to go under before anyone like grainger games tbh.

      • Yeah most highstreet shops do but they also have a lot of expenses for the shops like rent, rates, staff, cleaning etc.

  3. Oh, the condom guys.

    A few years ago, they did a rather bizarre event where people were given condoms. It was a press event for games and er… yeaaah, why did they give out condoms again? If I recall correctly, Tuffcub was the one who had the misfortune of attending such a spectular failure.

    If they aren’t like Game, they could come back from this. If they are like game, they best hope that whatever Game does to survive, that they can copy it.

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