Report: Ready Player One Has Some Big PlayStation Cameos

I am going to assume that as you have clicked in to this news then you don’t mind some minor spoilers, but just in case you are thicker than Trump, MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD.  You have been warned. Ready? Here we go. are reporting that during a battle scene in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie, which is out in the UK next week, the hero Parzival will be joined with some famous PlayStation pals. We already know Lara Croft, Ryu, and many others are in the film but say the God of War himself, Kratos, will be joining in the fight. He will be assisted by Sackboy, Knack, and – oh my – Nathan Drake.


Characters from Nintendo and Xbox, including Halo’s Masterchief, will be making an appearance, making Marvels (alleged) recent claim that Infinity War is the most biggest crossover event in history seem a little bit pathetic.


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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Master Chief, Nathan Drake, and Lara Croft. Yep, the Marvel claim is a bit pathetic now.

  2. You take that back TC and Avenger….. MARVEL are AWESOME!!!!

    • I agree! Been using this site for years and never have i ever read something that has upset me as much as that statement!
      Take it back lol.

    • I didn’t say they weren’t awesome, just in terms of crossovers… nah, this is bigger.

    • I assumed TC was being a bit tongue and cheek, so I couldn’t resist joining in. It is damn fine crossover though.

  3. It’s amazing that this film even got made, it must be the biggest exercise in licensing the entertainment industry has ever seen! I hope the films good, the book was a cracker.

  4. The interesting thing is I haven’t found the source that marvel claimed it was the “most ambitious crossover”.
    At the moment, as far as I can tell, this is another one of those fake-facts perpetuated in social media.

  5. They messed up. You add Kratos into the mix and everyone’s chances DRASTICY GO DOWN AT SAKARFICE! Or Kratos is rather overpowered and really, if they expect people to believe that the protagnist is gonna to have issues with Kratos at his side, that kinda is contradicted by Kratos. Kratos. It’s bloody Kratos. Also, Kratos. Oh, there is Master Chief but he is just a man in power armour. KRATOS IS GODDAMN KRATOS! Unless it’s NewKratos! then ok, maybe not overpowered. Angry Kratos murders everything.

    Still, should be fun. (Is the Lara croft the big bewwwwbs one or the reboot one? Could cause a bit of confusion for those who aren’t familair with Lara Croft due to the film of the game.)

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