[UPDATE]The Easter Sale Is Now Live On The PlayStation Store

Good news everyone, the annual Easter Sale has gone live on PlayStation Store bringing bargains to all with up to 60% off the price of some titles. Hurrah! Actually, the banner on the PS Store states you can save up to 60% but I can see games with 80% off. Huzzah once more!

Bad news everyone: The PlayStation Blog has not listed what’s on sale. Nothing. Not a peep. Which means I can’t tell you what’s on sale and give you nice links. If you want to go and wade through 74 – yes, 74 – pages of games on the PS Store to try and find a bargain then click here.


I’ll update this when the blog finally get their arse in gear, but in the meantime here’s a few select choices by moi.

UPDATE: They PS blog have finally got round to mentioning the sale and guess what? They’ve only listed a few games. RUBBISH.

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  1. Too many things on sale.

    The Evil Within 2 is tempting me. An extra £1 compared to Amazon for the benefit of not having to put a disc in? Sounds OK.

    The Battlefield deals are good if you’re missing out on 1 of them, but there’s also the “Anniversary bundle” for £25. Premium editions of 4, Hardline and 1 in one 176.75GB download.

    Lots of VR stuff too. Battlezone is highly recommended. Star Trek Bridge Crew for £16 is obviously something I’ll insist people should get (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy that game?)

    I Expect You To Die for £8 is also essential VR fun. Even just for the song at the start. Statik for £5.79 too. And Shooty Fruity for £9.89 is surprisingly fun and chaotic. You can pull the pin out of a grenade with your mouth! Well, by putting the Move controller near your mouth. I don’t know why that amuses me so much, but it does.

    • Is the star trek mandatory co-op (in your opinion) or can it be enjoyed solo? Assuming it’s decent enough without VR too?

      • You can play it all solo. You can jump around between the different positions as much as you want. Although trying to keep the enemy in front of you, disrupting their shields, rerouting power to the phasers and actually firing all at once is obviously complete madness.

        You can also use the voice commands and do everything as captain too, if you want.

        But really, you need a full crew. That could be friends, or random people. You can usually get a game with 3 other random people. Sometimes you might need to switch to the US servers, where they weirdly seem to be much more cautious in their approach to the game. The European servers are much more likely to involve fights as soon as a Klingon appears. Although the time I was captain and my response to Klingons appearing was “Fuck ’em up!” was possibly a bit too aggressive. The calm response from tactical of “Aye captain” was possibly not quite what I was expecting either.

        So basically, solo is an option but not a great one. With friends or people you know is a good option (I’m always happy to help out any of you lot too, if you just send me a PSN message). But don’t let not having friends put you off. Random people is always an option and is generally lots of fun. If you do the tutorials for all roles, and you’re willing to talk to people, nobody really cares if they get a newbie playing. As long as you talk to people. And don’t try and fake it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

        Half my games have been with random people. The other half with people I’ve played with before. You get many friend requests from some entertaining people.

        As for playing it without VR now that’s an option, I don’t know. Never tried it. I’ve come across people playing like that though, and they seem to be having fun. A microphone is kind of essential though. I believe the PC version has a mandatory mic test. The PS4 version doesn’t, but I guess it just assumes you’ve got one because there’s one built into the PSVR headset. Not sure what the situation is without VR, but it’s absolutely essential that the other 3 players can hear you.

  2. I might nab Life is Strange: Before the Storm for that price, but I’m currently potless.

    • Luckily the sale lasts until after payday :) I think I’ll gerab Tomb Raider on the PS3 for a quid and a bit. Tokyo 47 is hugely appealing, anyone played it?

  3. F1 is a steal at that price, shame though, I don’t reckon the TMER crew will return to it for a tournament.

  4. Nier Automota is £18.50 on Amazon right now, in case anyone was interested in that!

  5. Too… many… games.

    Must… resist…

    So I’ve added £60 of games to my basket and I have £12 credit in my wallet.

    This is gonna be tough.

  6. I can’t, not with ni no kuni 2 out tomorrow.

    Should I…..no behave.

    OK I will. Lego avengers, GTA it is. Damn.

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