Doom’s 4K Patch For PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Is Out Today

One of the most celebrated first person shooters of the last few years, 2016’s Doom delighted on base PS4 and Xbox One with its silky smooth 60fps gameplay to match its gloriously gory, fast-paced action. Now it’s received a rather belated update to make that even better for owners of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

That’s right, the long promised 4K update for PS4 Pro and One X is out today.


If you want the gory details of the game’s leap to the more powerful consoles, I recommend keeping a beady eye out for Digital Foundry’s inevitable analysis. While the game was 1080p60 on PS4, it had to make use of the dynamic frame buffer more heavily on Xbox One to stick to 60fps, but with the power balance switched around for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, it will be fascinating to see how closely either console can get to full 4K.

Either way, it’s bound to look great. Owners of high-end PCs can already tell you that much…

Source: Bethesda

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