What We Played #350 – Sea Of Thieves, Far Cry 5 & Detective Pikachu

As we head into the long weekend, I’ve got just enough willpower to pass along what the TSA writing team have been playing this past week. At least, those who could rouse themselves long enough to tell me through Slack!

Dave is one of those who’s been playing Far Cry 5 an awful lot, managing to complete it in relatively short order, while breaking out his 3DS to play Detective Pikachu on the flights to and from Warsaw. He’s been out in Poland to see a brace of indie video games that you’ll be hearing about soon. He also completed his annual run of Streets of Rage 2.

Aran’s been keeping himself busy with our upcoming review of Extinction and has reached the final palace of Persona 5, while Steve and the family have been overcoming a nasty bug and kept their gaming to a relative minimum. They still managed to co-op their way to the platinum trophy in Knack, which his son really liked, he finished Beast Quest for review and killed time on Dead Nation for PS Vita.

It’s still Assassin’s Creed Origins for Ade, who ponders whether or not Pharaoh Akhenaten could possibly have imagined his life would be the source for a video game some three thousand years later… and that he’d be an undead Pharaoh to beat in it. Such deep philosophical thoughts can take a back seat for Adventure Pals though, which lets your pet giraffe fly using “tongue propulsion”.

Jim (kind of) crossed NieR: Automata off his backlog list, having reached his first ending in the game. He’s compelled to go back and discover more of the full story though. He’s also been completely sucked into Rainbow Six Siege and fired up his PS3 to play some Condemned 2.

Miguel started sneaking and never stopped in Never Stop Sneaking on Switch, but also delved back into a bit more of Yakuza 6 and has been playing the new Atelier game for review.

Lastly, Dom and I banded together to play Sea of Thieves in the run up to our review, I teamed up with Gamoc for our Far Cry 5 review over the weekend, and I also joined forces with randoms to get our Vermintide 2 review done and dusted.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Bit more GT Sport, even if the VR update is still a bit lacking.

    And I beat that blobby boss in Nioh that was killing me lots. Then it got easier, but now it’s back to killing me.

    There may have been a bit of some little VR game as well. I didn’t realise 20 years ago that VR was what Wipeout was missing, but it’s possibly the best VR thing now. And doesn’t cause too much breakfast reappearance.

    And I need to get the last trophy for the platinum in Rez Infinite. Several more runs of direct assault mode. But infinite overdrive makes that just a grind, I think. Press circle constantly for an hour.

  2. So many games…

    Blackwood Crossing. Picked this up in the Easter sale and it’s an interesting one. It didn’t grip me initially but as the narrative slowly began to reveal the tragic fate of the characters, I found myself feeling quite moved. It reminded me a little of Edith Finch but I enjoyed Edith Finch more overall. It’s not a game I’d choose to play again but it definitely made an impression.

    Eekeemoo. Another game I picked up in the Easter sale. I don’t want to sound too harsh but this game has a very low budget / home-made feel to it. Some very basic platforming and combat. Also, really short – if you fancy picking up a quick platinum for £1.69, this is your game.

    Lara Croft GO. Finally finished this little gem. So simple and yet so very effective. I loved every second of it. The most ‘Tombraidery’ Tomb Raider game since the originals. I hope they make a sequel someday. This is the Lara we want.

    AC Rogue. Love this game! It still amazes me how they went from those basic, build-a-block ships in the Ezio AC games to these fully mobile ships in the Pirate trilogy. Even the water effects still manage to impress, despite being a few years old now. I know these sailing parts in AC aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I absolutely love it.

    Black The Fall. Also known as, ‘if Abe’s Odyssey and Inside had a baby’. Interesting art style and the gameplay is fine but I found the game a little dull overall. It does improve slightly the further you get into it and the ending is fairly satisfying.

  3. I’ve been enjoying the Call of Duty WW2 campaign. So far it’s plenty of hammy Hollywood style cutscenes (shamefully ripping off some of the presentation style from Band of Brothers) carried by a surprisingly compelling, brutal and really engrossing game, I’m really enjoying it and great to be able to say it’s almost as good as the original.
    I’ve not been enjoying the Call of Duty WW2 War multiplayer mode, which is a consistently nasty fisting by people who take the game way too seriously and are allowed to play like tools, spoiling a great idea. There’s no team play, no realism and no cameraderie, just twitchy skills carrying teams of sweary knobheads with painted guns. I’ll take Battlefront over this crap any day.

  4. This week, I made some progress in Bloodbourne. First, I killed this witch, which was really easy compared to the other bosses, then I went back and finished off that blood-thirsty thing, with a little help from the summoned NPC. Then I was invaded for the first time by another player, who was no match, so he got slain.
    And then I got to explore some old city streets (of lower Yharnam?), but I died and woke up somewhere completely different. That was confusing, and the enemies got more difficult again, but exploring is so much fun in Bloodbourne, I love it.

    Oh, and I got access to those dungeons, but I’ve no idea what they are yet.

    • I actually loaded up Bloodborne tonight – couldn’t resist the temptation any longer! I created and played the first level of a chalice dungeon. Basically, you go to one of the spare altars and create a dungeon with whatever chalice you have or wish to use. Each chailce represents a different difficulty level and each dungeon has a few layers. Each layer comes with a boss and through the simplistic mazes you’ll encounter every mix of enemies, traps etc, along with loads of souls to reap for levelling up and materials for making more dungeons. defeating the final boss of a dungeon will usually yield you the next level Chalice if you don’t already have it. You could think of them as condensed Bloodborne mini-adventures.

      I wish Dark Souls 3 had someting like the Chalice dungeons, speaking of which i’m literally balls deep in the swamps of Farron. xD

      • Ok, thanks, sounds interesting, have to try them out next. I somehow thought they’re all multiplayer dungeons, because of a video I stumbled into. A chance to level up efficiently would be good, as that’s what made it possible for me to get past this blood-thirsty beast, I guess.

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