RIP Steam Machines: Valve Remove Them From Steam

Remember Steam Machines? They were the new saviour of gaming, hardware created specifically for PC gaming running the Steam OS but in a box that would sit by your television much like a console. They were announced with great fanfare with multiple PC manufacturers on board to create the machines. Unfortunately, after the announcement Valve didn’t do a thing to help promote them and by running the Linux OS many games that were available for Windows PCs were nowhere to be found on Steam OS.

The machines launched late with prices ranging from $459 to $4999, and rather surprisingly some of them could not be upgraded.


Valve have now removed the Steam Machines page Steam, and only two manufacturers can now be found under the hardware section but you have to visit their respective sites for information. The machines you can buy are now dual boot, so run Windows as well as Steam OS, which seems to miss the point of the whole project.

Source:  GamingOnLinux via VG247

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  1. They were a terrible idea for mass market appeal. I have to say, this is no surprise.

  2. They had a short half-life.

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