The Overwatch Retribution Event Takes Us Back To The Blackwatch Incident

While Overwatch is all about the competitive multiplayer, there’s always been the potential for Blizzard to experiment and chuck in the occasional cooperative event. We had that last year with Uprising, which depicted Tracer’s first mission with Overwatch, and this year will feature the second step back into the history of Overwatch with Retribution.


Running from 10th to 30th April, we get to see a potentially pivotal moment in the history of Overwatch, as their black ops Blackwatch team get into a spot of bother in Venice. We get to see Reaper before he was Reaper, Moira before she was blacklisted, and younger forms of Genji and McCree.

Naturally, there’s going to be shed loads of new costumes, emotes, sprays and more, as well as those returning from last year’s Uprising event.

Source: YouTube

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