Boss Key Announce F2P Battle Royale Title, Available On Steam Early Access Tomorrow

Having unceremoniously dumped Lawbreakers just three days ago, Boss Key are about to drop  brand new game in to Steam early access and it’s another title jumping on the Battle Royale bandwagon. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Radical Heights.


Here’s the blurb from the Steam page.

Welcome to RADICAL HEIGHTS, a free *X-TREME Early Access* BATTLE ROYALE shooter. Partake in high-stakes battle royale gunplay in a sunny SoCal dome as contestants drive-by on BMX bikes or stalk other contestants from the shadows in search for weapons and prizes…but also CASH that you can bank – win or lose! Whether you spend that cash on righteous customization in your personal prize room or pull it from an ATM to purchase weapons early in the next game — building a wealth of cash is as important as taking down the competition in this irreverent 80s-themed action game show where everyone wants to be rich and famous!

Source: Steam

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  1. Wow another me too game from this developer. I predict another failure.

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