Splinter Cell Crossover Kicks Off Ghost Recon Wildlands Year Two Tomorrow

Following on from their brief teaser, Ubisoft have announced that Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame is joining the Ghosts of Ghost Recon fame for a special crossover event starting tomorrow, 10th April.


The main event here is a new co-op called Special Operation I, where the Ghosts help Sam (who’s voiced by original actor Michael Ironside and not that Eric Johnson fellow) on an infiltration mission. It’s a challenge mission that can be played solo or in co-op for up to four players, with Splinter Cell-themed rewards for its completion. Yup, that will include Sam’s sonar goggles. These rewards will only be available until 16th May, but the mission will be available in game permanently.

On the PvP side of things, there’s a new Echelon assault class character in all modes, meaning there’s now 18 distinct classes to choose from in Ghost War. It’s a character drawn from Splinter Cell’s Fourth Echelon, so has the same kind of Sonar Pulse ability that lets him see enemies through walls. You’ll can get the character unlocked from using Prestige points or from buying the Year 2 Pass.

Oh, and best of all, there’s a free weekend running from 12th-15th April on all platforms, and it lets you play the entire game. Everything. That includes the Ghost War PvP mode, Predator mission and this new Special Operation I.

The original story follows:

Ubisoft have dropped a short trailer which features Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher discussing a mission in Bolivia, the setting for Ghost Recon Wildlands. He ends the video by saying “I’ve got friends in that neighbourhood. Call the Ghosts.”

Full details of the cross-over will be announced later today.

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  1. It’s a pity that you don’t get to play as Sam Fisher. It might have been worth a reinstall if it you did.

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