Destiny 2’s Warmind Expansion Is Out On 8th May

Bungie’s troubled FPS space opera is looking to get a new lease of life next month with the release of the second expansion in its first year of DLC. Titled Warmind, it’s out on 8th May and will mark the start of Season Three in the game.

We’ll have to wait until 24th April for a livestream that will showcase the new content, with new loot to earn, new activities, new heroes and new enemies. Fingers crossed it’s a more substantial feeling DLC than Curse of Osiris, and the warmind AI have long been a source of fascinating lore in the Destiny universe and the subject of previous expansions and events.


Season Three will also see Bungie change up how they tackle Crucible content. All players will receive the new Crucible maps that are being developed for Warmind, regardless of whether you buy the DLC, and this will be retroactively applied to the maps from Curse of Osiris. The intent here is to keep the PvP community united, while PvE content is what’s a part of the paid expansions.

With Season Three fast approaching, Bungie have now extended the roadmap, looking toward Season Four in September, which most assume will see the release of a Year Two expansion, similar to Rise of Iron and The Taken King. Of particular interest will be ‘Weapon Slot Changes’ which implies that Bungie are looking at adjusting or even moving away from the current Kinetic, Energy and Power weapon categories.

Source: Bungie

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  1. I’ll be buying the Warmind dlc because I like to keep on top of Destiny developments, but it utterly baffles me how long it takes them to implement changes that all other developers manage to do in a matter of weeks.

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