Check Out Tennis World Tour’s Career Mode And AO International Tennis’ Venue Builder

There’s not one, but two real world tennis games coming out this year, as Tennis World Tour and AO International Tennis go head to head next month in May. Can they revive the tennis sports games on console? We’ll have to wait and see, but both developers and publishers have released new trailers showcasing different parts of their games.

First on court will be AO International Tennis on 8th May for PS4 and Xbox One. This game was actually released under a slightly different name in Australia at the start of the year, but whatever the reason, Big Ant are now bringing it to the rest of the world.


Their newest trailer highlights the custom venue builder. I’m not entirely sure why it’s necessary, but you might think of it like PES’ custom kits for replicating stadia and tournaments they don’t have the licenses for.

While AO International Tennis has Nadal on the cover, Tennis World Tour with have Federer. Out on PS4, XBO and Switch on 22nd May, this game looks to innovate with the controls – you can catch our preview here – and the career mode structure.

Catch the guided tour below, as the narrator takes you through how you can rise through the ranks, but have to take fatigue into account as well as training and picking the right equipment.

And if neither of those tickle your fancy, then I guess it’s just a short wait until 22nd June for Mario Tennis Aces on Switch.

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