Big Ant Describes The Features You’ll Find In AO International Tennis

If you want to hear some nice, calming Aussie accents this morning, then Big Ant Studios have got your back as they describe all the features you’ll find in AO International Tennis.


AO International Tennis is a more, well, international version of AO Tennis which was released at the start of this year, exclusively in Australia. For whatever reason, it’s only now spreading to the rest of the world – we have a feeling that the clay and grass court seasons starting might have a little something to do with this – with a release on 8th May for PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course, it features tennis both offline and online, and there’s a career mode with custom players, as well as a number of licensed players such as Rafa Nadal and plenty of motion capture to try and make them look and move as true to real life as possible. More interesting is the stadium builder, letting you recreate whatever stadia you fancy, when some of the best known seem not to be in the game.

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