Capcom Vancouver Now Dedicated To Dead Rising

After dabbling their toes in the world of mobile gaming with Puzzle Fighter, Capcom Vancouver have decided to sunset that project and concentrate on just one thing, can you guess what that is? Of course you can, it’s in the headline, more Dead Rising.

“As the studio is dedicating its focus to our flagship Dead Rising franchise, we have decided to sunset Puzzle Fighter. The game will be removed from app stores on July 1 and servers will be shut down on July 31,” posted Jeffrey from Capcom.


Dead Rising 4 didn’t review all too well and was repackaged for PlayStation for last Christmas after spending a year exclusive to Xbox One. Will Dead Rising 5 be more of the same or will they take the criticisms on board and do something new?

One thing is for sure: It will include a Battle Royale mode.

Source: Capcom

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