May’s PlayStation Plus Games Include Beyond: Two Souls & Rayman Legends

You liked the PlayStation 3, right? Enough to want some more of those games on PlayStation 4, right? Because that’s what you’re getting in May’s PlayStation Plus update. The two headline PlayStation 4 games are Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends, which were both released for PS3 in 2013 before getting re-released/remastered for the newer generation.

In fairness, Beyond being part of PS+ makes perfect sense, when you consider that Detroit: Become Human is out next month. Rayman Legends though? I could have sworn it was part of the Instant Game Collection before, but apparently not.


The full line up is as follows:

Don’t forget to pick up this month’s games before they disappear from the service:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. I thought Rayman Legends was a repeat too. But no, it was the Vita version of Rayman Oranges we had 5 years ago.

    At least we’ve improved over the past couple of months where I already own both the main PS4 games to having 2 games I already own on an older platform. It’s been a bit of a poor start to this year really.

  2. Poor start indeed n I’ve just renewed plus after about two years off. Saying that Rayman ‘Oranges’ sounds like a hoot. Count me in for some fruit based action!

    • Seriously, don’t encourage me! It was bad enough with Assassin’s Creed Oranges!

  3. I was debating getting Beyond recently so this is a pretty good line for me!

  4. Deperately trying to think of other video game fruit-based puns but coming up blank so with that I’m out – unless anyone else can offer any……?

    • I love pun but all I could come up with was The Elderberry Scrolls – Oblivijam. There’s no punnet of puns this time around, in fact it’s remarkably fruitless.

      • Berry good. Not sure how far this thread will go but feel my grape expectations will prove fruitile. I’ll get me coat…

      • I don’t think it’ll strayberry far from its oranges :)

      • I think I’m going to promise never to do the Origins/Oranges thing ever again. For at least a week.

    • This thread was looking fruitful and the puns had plenty of ap-peel but now it’s run out of juice.

    • Oh wow, this needs to stop, right away. What has Yd started?!?

      • I often find myself asking the same question. Sometimes even when nobody else is involved, which is probably worse.

      • Forget I asked…

  5. Looks like a good month for me, played Beyond TS on PS3 but was considering it again recently – and can’t really say no to Rayman.

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