Star Wars Battlefront II Ewok Hunt Returns Today, Hotfix To Stop Xbox One Crashes

After Ewok Hunt was a big hit with the Star Wars Battlefront II community last week, DICE have bowed to popular demand and announced that the game mode will return this weekend. Whether you played it first time out or missed out on the fun like I did, you’ll be able to pick up your little spears and get hunting Stormtroopers through the dark forests of Endor again.

The mode will run from sometime this afternoon (CEST) until Monday morning (CEST) when DICE get back to their Stockholm offices and signal an end to the hunt.


Alongside this, DICE have pushed out a hotfix patch to address a few lingering issues that were affecting the game. The most important of these by far was a problem that would cause the game to crash on Xbox One, but there’s also dodgy lighting, Troopers climbing trees and a faulty Infiltration ability that have been fixed.

Here’s the full (but very short) notes:

  • Fixed a crash issue on Xbox One
  • Fixed a lighting issue in a cave on Endor affecting Ewok Hunt
  • Fixed an issue with Troopers being able to climb trees in Ewok Hunt
  • Fixed an issue where the Specialist’s Infiltration Ability was not highlighting enemies on the mini-map

Source: Reddit [12]

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