Check Out These Gorgeous Red Dead Redemption II Screen Shots

When you have as much money as Rockstar you have the resources to make you games look good, but even with that caveat these screens from Red Dead II are stunning.

The screens show new protagonist Arthur Morgan, John Marston, a character returning from the first game, and the lady below is Sadie Adler, a member of the Van der Linde gang along with Arhur.


Source: AGD

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  1. They trailer was a stunner but these screens are incredible! I hadn’t realised it was a prequel, it’ll be great to see Marsden in his dark years and such a relief that we’re not carrying on with (spoiler alert) young greasychops from the end of Redemption.

    • What, you let the fact that it had a sequentially higher number on the end of it trick you into thinking it was a sequel? What a plonker. :P

    • You do know that spoiler alert doesn’t work when it’s literally teh same sentence? ;)

    • Plonker sounds about right! And yep, totally aware the spoiler alert is pointless but the more we walk about it the more likely someone is to remember the spoiler, so shhh :)

  2. Looks great, exploring this game will be so much fun!

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