Microsoft Say Reports Of Xbox Sales Are “Inaccurate”

Yesterday many people used EA’s recent financial report and (two plus two is four, minus one that’s three) quick maths to work out that Xbox One sales were really lagging behind those of PlayStation 4.

You can read how the sales were calculated here, but in short Xbox One was a smidgen under 30 million units and PlayStation 4 at over 73 million. Microsoft have come out fighting, “The projections are inaccurate,” a spokesperson told Alphr. “Regardless, we are focused on delivering amazing gaming experiences to players on all devices and engagement is our measure of progress.”


Microsoft moved away from sales figures a few years back when it was clear Sony was racing ahead and now like to report ‘engagements’. To be fair to Microsoft that sort of thing is really important in the days of games-as-services, Microsoft will be raking in the money from Xbox Live and in the end it doesn’t matter how they make the money, just that they make lots of it.

Source: Alphr

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  1. Does “the projections are inaccurate” followed by “here’s something that isn’t the real, accurate numbers” mean the numbers are technically wrong, but not by much?

    Maybe the real number is a whole 30 million, but we’re supposed to focus on “engagement” instead. I’m surprised they didn’t come up with some number for that. Something that sounds big, but is ultimately entirely meaningless compared to something useful like how many they’ve sold.

  2. If the XB1 started outselling the PS4 month after month and was catching up with their rival I’m sure MS would be letting everyone know about it.

    Yes MS will be making plenty of money from XB Live but the more consoles they sell there will be more Live users.

  3. It mattered to them last gen when the tables were reversed. Although, I’m sure Sony adopted a similar stance on reporting sales of the PS3 during those early years. Or maybe they were just honest about it? I genuinely don’t know? Seems like something all companies would do to be fair.

    In any case, it does seem to be a touchy subject for them. I wonder if Adam Orth feels bad about all the damage he caused? Between Orth, Kinect and their scarce exclusive games lineup, they really have had a rough time of it this gen.

    Still, 30 Mil sales isn’t to be scoffed at. But they must be kicking themselves knowing their main competitor has sold more than twice as many.

    If you can ignore the Tomb Raider scandal, one could almost feel bad for them.



  4. I think it’s good for all of us that Microsoft has had to eat a little humble pie. It means they have to think outside the box to try and get consumers on board.
    The same thing happened to Sony last gen but I don’t think they were that far behind Microsoft at this point.
    Still imagine if the Xbox Two (or whatever they call it) is as good and consumer friendly as the PS4 was when that was announced.
    Microsoft’s Game Pass and backwards compatibility are two great features that Sony don’t have a real answer to right now.
    I just hope Sony don’t drop the ball, because while new games are always going to be better than old ones, they will need PS4 backwards compatibility in the PS5 at launch.
    Especially given the time needed to make modern AAA games.

    • It seems unlikely the PS5 wouldn’t run PS4 games. Sony and MS both seem to have got people used to the idea (with the Pro and 1X) that a new console is just a more powerful version of the old one. I doubt anyone is expecting some weird new hardware like the PS3 had.

      Of course, Sony could decide it’ll only play PS5 games, but that would be amazingly stupid. By then they’ll have 100m+ PS4 users to tempt onto the PS5 with all their old games working.

      Although it’s a lot less of reason to go for a PS5 over a whatever-MS-call-it than some people might claim, as even MS kind of proved, with their usual “big numbers are obviously important” tactic. But as a free bonus novelty feature you might use a few times, it’s definitely worth including.

      And Sony kind of have an answer to Game Pass and BC with PS Now. Only downside there is you can’t play all your old games for free (compared to MS who let you play some of your old games for free), and it’s obviously not great if your internet is a bit crap (although that really is a small percentage of people). And it doesn’t have the newest games, but how sustainable is that if you’re not MS throwing loads of money at it?

      There’s a pretty good chance any Xbox2/PS5 fight is going to end very badly for MS. It wouldn’t even surprise me if they went a sort of Windows 10 route and said “this is the last Xbox, we’ll just call it XBox and update it every year and eventually claim we’ve sold more than anything else, ever, but stick to this ‘engagement’ bollocks until then”.

      That could be a good idea for both MS and Sony, actually. While Nintendo do their own weird thing swinging wildly between massive success and desperately trying to undo all that success.

  5. A lot of hate for MS it seems 😂

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