Superhot JP Is A Japanese Twist On The Time Twisting FPS

Time only moves when you do, and in Superhot JP, Japanese time will only move when you do. Set in the same universe as the original game and playing with the same time twisting rules, Superhot JP isn’t actually being developed by the original team, but rather Tokyo-based GameTomo.

As described on the site, it will be “using Japanese environments, from samurai castles and hot springs to karaoke bars and bullet trains,” and is “an alternate story campaign with a bunch of new levels and some cool new gameplay rather than a full-fledged sequel.” There’s a few new weapons, including a bow and arrow and, presumably, samurai swords to use as well.


However, it’s almost going to be too Japanese-centric, as it will actually be released first in Japan and then “possibly” other countries around the world. Additionally, if you enjoyed the original in virtual reality, then the bad news is that they have no plans on a VR version at this time. Currently it’s only in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: GameTomo

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