Superhot is available on Nintendo Switch right now

During Nintendo’s Indie World stream Superhot was confirmed for the Switch, but the biggest surprise is that Superhot is available right this second on the console for $24.99. It’s the same game as available on other consoles though this version also has a few extra features. One of those includes gyroscopic aiming as well as being able to use the Joy-cons as the weapons so you can swing around to take out the enemies as they get closer with every bit of movement. Superhot will also run at 60fps on the Switch.

Speaking about the release Superhot Team’s Tom Kaczmarczyk said:

We love the Switch. Our team spent months and months and months making sure we did a great job bringing SUPERHOT to the most innovative video gaming system we’ve played in years. Full gyro controls make the game incredibly more immersive – you really feel like an action hero, you use your whole body to dodge hails of slow motion bullets. It’s a feeling we worked hard to evoke on PC and other consoles but SUPERHOT on Switch just takes it to an entirely new level.”

In our review of Superhot Jim wrote:

A crafty base concept and careful execution make Superhot one of the most intriguing games to come from the recent class of indie-developed shooters. Its bizarre setting and puzzle-like approach are refreshingly original and hopefully something the team will now expand upon following Superhot’s early success.

You can read the Superhot review here.

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