The NES Mini Goes Back On Sale In June

Nintendo were caught by surprise by just how popular and in demand the original NES mini would be, with the diminutive emulator in its adorable miniaturised NES shell flying off the shelves in the last few months of 2016… and then ending up on Ebay for ludicrous prices. It really scratched an itch that people have for classic games.

The company simply couldn’t keep up and then discontinued the product just a few months later, but thankfully saw the error of their ways with the SNES mini, which has had much better supply, and the announcement that the NES mini would return.


Now we know when, with the little console returning to shelves in Europe and America on 29th June.

That’s about all there is to know about this. The NES mini will have the same selection of games, come with the same controllers, the same form and everything else. If you missed out the first time round, now’s your opportunity to get a slice of classic Nintendo action.

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  1. Desperately wanted one when they came out, but got a Mini SNES now. Nintendo taken far too long getting these back in stock. Mini N64 is what they should be announcing.

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