Watch Us Play State Of Decay 2

Sequel to the cult classic Xbox One and PC game, there’s a lot of expectations for State of Decay 2’s particular twist on the zombie game, filled with building a community, surviving in an open world of zombies and other humans.

The game is out on 22nd May and we’re working on our review for later this week – Dom will be putting pen to paper for that – but in the here and now, the streaming embargo has lifted and I’ve never played a State of Decay game. So join me here or on Twitch as I see what all the fuss is about and check out the start of the game at 6PM today.

Update: Thanks for stopping by, you can now catch the archived stream below:


Watch TheSixthAxis Plays State of Decay 2 from the beginning from TheSixthAxis on

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  1. I was quite excited about this until I found out it was Xbox and Windows 10 only, also not being initially released on Steam. If they think I am downgrading from windows 7 to play one game they are sadly mistaken. Enjoyed the stream though.

    • Ah yeah, it’s a Microsoft published exclusive, and these days I wouldn’t expect that to break out of Xbox One and Windows 10.

      Thanks for tuning in. :)

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