Astro Bot Rescue Mission Announced For PlayStation VR

One of the best things that came with PlayStation VR was the The Playroom, a free collection of mini games featuring super cute robots. One of these mini games was a platformer, it was quite short but showed a lot of promise. The team behind The Playroom have now announced Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which to all intents and purposes is an extended version of The Playroom’s platformer. Check out the trailer.


The game has 26 stages, over five worlds, each ending with with a boss fight. As you can see you won’t just be controlling Astro, you get to interact with the environment and use weapons including ninja throwing stars. There are also challenges and you can relax by constructing interactive dioramas. Expect to see more of the game at E3.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Great stuff – that was the best of the Playroom VR mini-games and it’s oft-been requested to expand on it as a full game.

  2. Incredible so much VR stuff we are treated with these days. On the PS blog there three VR games being presented this date.

    • But the whole VR thing is failing! If you believe how some people have interpreted Sony’s comments yesterday and some particularly bad click-bait articles (Eurogamer managed a great one today)

      • I know. It doesn’t look too bad at the moment for the world of VR. Hopefully it will continue and it would be interesting to see some sales figures from the big three on the market.

      • Whatever the numbers are, it’s somehow too low for some people.

        PSVR must be close to 3m by now. Oculus/HTC somewhat less. And then all the new ones are appearing.

        Sony just said the overall market isn’t growing as fast as expected. Didn’t say anything about PSVR sales yesterday. And all of them seem to be selling enough to be still going ahead with things. New versions from HTC/Oculus, Sony putting money into exclusives. (How much did they pay for the Bridge Crew DLC to be a timed exclusive?)

        Still early days yet, but it’s definitely not being abandoned or failing.

        It’ll be interesting to see what happens with E3 though.

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