Watch A Lap Of Monaco From F1 2018

I’m sure there’s plenty of other features they want to be talking about more, but the first thing I always think of when seeing an onboard shot from an F1 car is always how bad the halo head protection device looks. It’s bad, and Codemasters are having to recreate it in all its glory for F1 2018.

With the game having been announced last week, they’re eager to show off the game in action, using this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix to demo the game with Charles Leclerc behind the wheel of a digital Alfa Romeo Sauber. Fun fact: he was playing the game in his socks.


OK, so if you’re not just glaring at the ugly halo, the demo shows off the game’s new lighting system, which works in tandem with the sky, clouds and other atmospherics. You also have the return of player-managed ERS, adding an extra tactical dynamic to the racing and the vehicle physics.

F1 2018 is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 24th August.

Source: press release

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  1. The halo looks worse on here than in real life. If they put the throttle, brake etc on the halo like they do on the TV coverage then it would look a hell of a lot better.

    • I can’t see how it looks any different than on TV, so not really sure why it’s worse?

      The perspective is a little further back, but the camera is adjustable, so…

  2. Not sure I can see that much of a change in the lighting system through a youtube video, can imagine it a bit better onscreen with HDR.

    How is player-managed ERS shown, didn’t see anything like that?

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